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    Default Just bought what may be a fake from Amazon...need opinions

    Hey all, I'm new here as well as new to fragrances in general. I bought CK Eternity for men directly from Amazon (not a 3rd party vendor) and it arrived today. Unfortunately I don't have any legit bottles available for comparison, but it looks very much like the pictures I've seen. The problem is that the smell completely dissipates after about 2 hours. It is supposed to last longer than that, right? I can post pictures later if it's deemed suspicious.

    I've dealt with Amazon for years and haven't ever had a problem with them. I hope at most this is just old stock.

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    Default Re: Just bought what may be a fake from Amazon...need opinions

    To be honest, amazon is bad place for fragrances imo. Since there are 3 party vendors, you can never be too sure what your getting unless it's a legit fragrance shop. I purchased a bottle of curve 6.8 oz back about 3 years ago from amazon but it was from beautyencounter as the 3rd party vendor so i knew it was authentic. However, Ive heard far too many stories and experiences from amazon selling fake bottles so I do not deal with them ever! Eternity is not as popular as it was then but still, Im sure there are fakes being sold and if it lasts 2 hours, it might be a fake. The best thing to do is take it to your local department store to compare it or buy a sample online and compare it. I hope this helps .

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