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    Default Camellias Fragrance

    can you recomand me a parfume with smell of camellias?

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    Default Re: Camellias Fragrance

    I honestly don't know the smell of camellias, however, I own a bit of Camellia perfume from Hove Parfumeur. It's very reserved and somewhat baby-oil like. The company description: "As dry and delicate-sweet as a fine white wine, this fragrance compliments the quiet, fair and tailored personality."

    Here's the link to Hove:
    They offer lovely sampler groupings. The Rue Royale is the other fragrance I recommend putting on one's to-test list.

    I look forward to reading what others might come up with. I don't think I've seen this question before.
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    Default Re: Camellias Fragrance

    I just did a quick search for you in the Basenotes directory and came up with three scents that state Camelia
    as one of the notes:-
    Hiroko Koshino - I have tried this and it is very nice in a "Japanese"-kind of way.

    Carolina Herrera - the original one. Quite a sexy scent.

    Victoria's Secret Very Sexy for Her. Presumably the same as above given the name!
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    Default Re: Camellias Fragrance

    I have just noticed , also, that The Perfumed Court has some samples of Shiseido's Camellia Superieur EDP.

    Fragrantia has a page about a camelia scent
    and MPG (Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier) do an Eau de Camelia Chinois.
    I haven't tried any of them, but they may be what you are looking for.
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    Default Re: Camellias Fragrance

    S.T.Dupont ORAZULI

    and it's a cheapie. I get lots of camelias from it.
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    Default Re: Camellias Fragrance

    Here is a list of a few more that have Camellia in their notes.

    Arpege by Lanvin
    Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger
    212 Carolina Herrera
    Winter Flowers by Kenzo
    Tresor Sheer eau de Printemps by Lancome
    White Petals by Keiko Mecheri
    Mother of the Bride by DSH Perfumes
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    Default Re: Camellias Fragrance

    I've never met a camellia that had a scent. I have them growing outside my back door, Camellia sasanqua 'Yuletide' to be exact. And at my father's in Mississippi there were other sasanqua varieties. They don't have a fragrance, just a lovely appearance. I was just now googling "fragrant camellias", though, and apparently fragrant hybrids do exist now. I never knew that. Chanel's Une Fleur was supposed to represent a camellia, but I thought it smelled faintly tea rose'ish when I tested it way back when.

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    Default Re: Camellias Fragrance

    Me neither lilybelle, so I did the same google search you did - what a surprise, they do exist! When I was a child I thought they were roses growing on those massive bushes and would sniff in vain trying to detect a scent. Not knowing what something's supposed to smell like makes it difficult to pick out of a fragrance of course, and now I'm very curious and will make it a point to find one of these elusive fragrant camellias!
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    Default Re: Camellias Fragrance

    Evangeline! Now I am mixed up. I thought today was your wedding day?
    Edit-- okay, I found it...I see the wedding isn't until the 19th. I have to say, your dedication to Basenotes was astounding me if you were getting married today and posting here...
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    Default Re: Camellias Fragrance

    Quote Originally Posted by Evangeline View Post
    When I was a child I thought they were roses growing on those massive bushes and would sniff in vain trying to detect a scent.
    Lol, me too! So disappointing that was! I'm now determined to get a sniff of a fragrant hybrid, too.

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    Default Re: Camellias Fragrance

    Hm I am curious about camellia scents as well... there are scented ones and I actually grew up around camellia japonica oil.

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