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    Default Signature scent...which?

    I'm looking for signature scent. Does anyone have some good suggestion? Yesterday I tried Allure Homme Blanche and Allure Homme Sport. First one have too many lemmony smell to be weared in winter. Second one is good but I think too many people have it. I need some other suggestions.

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    Default Re: Signature scent...which?

    how old are you?
    do you work in an office environment? do you dj in a club?
    what kind of smells do you like? floral? aquatic? sweet and dessert-like? green? 80's masculine?
    what's your budget?
    do you have any other scents already?

    we'll have to know a lot more about you to answer this question
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    Default Re: Signature scent...which?

    Allure Homme Sport is also more of a spring/summer fragrance. Rumblefish is right, we need more info about you and the types of fragrances you like.

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    Default Re: Signature scent...which?

    Ok, here are answers .

    I'm 27, student and also working for some computer magazine so I'm not a lot in office. I love fragrances like D&G The one and Versace Dreamer so something in this way would be great. But this two are not year-round fragrances and that is the problem. I wear casual clothes. If you want to know anything else let me know. Budget is not a problem!
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    Default Re: Signature scent...which?

    If i had to choose a year round signature scent id say try out Ckin2u its starts off citrus and fresh then goes into a sweet state on my skin very interesting and can be picked up for quite cheap

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    Default Re: Signature scent...which?

    Frags to be tested as potential, prospective signature scents may include (without being limited too): Mugler Cologne, Chanel pour Monsieur, even Dior Homme and YSL Homme, Solo Loewe, Burberry Weekend for Men, among others
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    Default Re: Signature scent...which?


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    Default Re: Signature scent...which?

    I've seen this type post several times where individuals are looking for a signature scent. The most logical advise that can be offered is to sample suggestions made here or simply spend some time at your local fragrance counter. I firmly believe that you will know your signature scent when you wear it. It will be something you love and others love on you.

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    Default Re: Signature scent...which?

    I had been into perfume stuff way back in college, (1990`s) were ETERNITY, Obsession , Fahrenheit were the 3 big dawg in the campus.

    I stop using perfume for 15 years bec. of allergy issue. I only use a baby cologne from Spain that cost only $14 =) and it`s called Nenuco. Very crisp scent for everday use.
    It`s very citrusy, like fresh linen. I still have a full bottle of Eternity (original) that I hardly use for 3 years now.

    This time I started to look around for perfume, and the trend seems to be very citrusy/alcoholic top note, and very rough scent (musky) dry down.

    I did test several cologne for the past 3 days now and these are:

    Gucci Sport
    Burbbery Sport
    The new Diesel
    ISL L`homme
    Paco Raban Light blue
    Armani Code
    Polo black/Double Black
    Agua Di Gio

    Here`s my conclusion based on my taste.

    Gucci Sport - Fresh, but rough musky note dry down. Won`t last very long.

    Burberry Sport- Fresh citrusy top note and same rough musky trend dry down.

    A*Men - Not good on top note, very tobacco smell (I hate it) but dry down has a unique smell. Definitely not for everyday use. I actually blind ordered 2 bottles of A*men Pure Malt at Nordstrom. I heard the tobacco smell is gone on this limited version. I still like A*men on base note. This last longer than the rest

    The new Diesel - Very rough, but sweet smell on dry down. Dry down is like Armani code mix with A*men.

    ISL L`homme - I like this one, it`s sweet on dry down. (This will be added to my collection)

    Paco Raban Light Blue- Fresh all through out (maybe good on warmer weather?) Smell like a highschool kid for me...

    Armani Code is the bomb! I went to the mall at Boston store today. I sprayed one on my wrist, walked a few minutes, hit the other end off the mall where Macy`s is. I went home with it. I can wear this everyday. It`s a sweet smell not rough all through out.

    Polo Black- not my type. A bit older scent.

    Agua Di Gio is fresh, I can wear it everyday, but the problem is everyone is using it.

    Hope this help.

    But, If you ask me. I still prefer the classic Eternity scent for everyday use. It`s very crisp . I hate the new Eternity Aqua It smells ok at first, but it changes to like soap/bathroom smell afterwards. You won`t regret the original Eternity .

    My Verdict:

    Classic Eternity for Daily use. It`s fresh, crisp and different from the trend.

    Armani Code for night time use. You`ll never get wrong with Armani. =)

    Oh BTW, this is my first post here.

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