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    Wink Review Request: Keiko Mecheri "Crystal d'Ambre"

    Hi everyone!
    I am new to this site and am learning new things about fragrance every day. I have always had a passion for scent, be it in my shampoo, lipstick or floorwax! (If it did not smell good to me, it did not come home with me.) I sniff EVERYTHING!... and what I love about this site is that now I know that I'm not the only one. LOL!

    I digress. I am negotiating a swap for KM's "Cryatal d'Ambre" and would love to read any/all reviews you knowledgable fumeys may wish to share with me.
    I am just starting to venture into the idea of niche fragrances, so I need some educating. Anyone?

    Thanks in advance, ~sky~

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    Default Re: Review Request: Keiko Mecheri "Crystal d'Ambre"

    Hi, this was one of the first scents I ever sampled, so ti would have been before I had a built up 'olfactory database'. I remember my SO caught wind of me and said, "Oh, that smells nice", and usually he just says i smell like his mother.

    This wasn't a love, must have for me, but it was by far not a stinker. It's hard to find this line for testing, I know. I usually get my samples from Lucky Scent. As far as the house goes, the ingredients are usually high, and if i ever dislike something from this house it's because of personal prefernces, NOT bad ingredients, poor mixing, etc
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    Default Re: Review Request: Keiko Mecheri "Crystal d'Ambre"

    BayKAT, OMG! and LOL- "smell like his mother"! What better motivation than that to switch fragrances?

    Thx for your review. My swap fell through, but I am working out another deal with a nice gal who is going to send me decants of several KM scents, including Cd'A. More on this later...


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    Default Re: Review Request: Keiko Mecheri "Crystal d'Ambre"

    If you like amber scents, you will love this one by Keiko. Crystal d'Ambre is a very nice scent.
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