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    Default Designer Shaik perfumes review.

    Hi guys,

    I just found Designer Shaik perfumes ( in a store here in Kuwait. It's a new small middle eastern house that I'm sure not many of you have heard of, so I thought I'd share this. It's a luxury brand, quite expensive with really unique highly detailed bottles, and equally fancy boxes. Personally, while I appreciate the attention to details, I dislike the design of the bottles, just over-done and ugly, save for No.33.

    Personally I hardly found anything special about these to justify the price. They all have a strong, sweet, slightly citrusy opening. It's not a bomb projection wise, but they are very, very cloudy and dense, for the first 10 minutes my nose can smell nothing except density, with some sweetness and alcohol.

    No30: Has a sweet floral opening, the dry down has a lot of vanilla, some Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose and violets, perhaps the best in the line, but really nothing impressive. It's basically a slightly more complex version of No33.

    No33: Same cloudy floral opening. This one is calmer though, with more juicy dark rose in the same fashion as montale's, just not as good.

    No70: Strong citrusy, sandalwood Vanilla opening. It's a dense, and feels like a modern take of Habit Rouge, has a generic woodsy/vanilla dry down. very forgettable.

    No77: My second favorite, almost identical opening to No77. The dry down is slightly more interesting, a little boozy with some dry tobacco, but than that, almost identical to No70, both are a modern, dense, somewhat citrusy take on barbershop/body spray fragrances.

    In general, those fragrance are just so dense I can't tell what the hell I'm smelling, easiest way to describe it is citrus sandlewood vanilla, in the same fashion as many guerlain's, but nowhere as good. I was really curious about this house, but they didn't put much effort into the fragrances as they did with the presentation, which is not even good to begin with. You're basically paying for the bottle I guess.

    I hope that helped people who were curious about this house.

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    Default Re: Designer Shaik perfumes review.

    Hi there, spot on review

    Myself and partner sampled both the mens and womens a while ago (First in Fragrance Germany sell samples). Lovely looking bottles, but the perfume quality just doesn't match the bottles for us. The men's don't last very long either before fading, but they are pleasant enough, certainly not worth the huge asking price for me.

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    Default Re: Designer Shaik perfumes review.

    Well, they make the same mistake as most middle eastern houses, save for Amouage. Make a perfume as strong as possible (initially) while maintaining the minimum level of pleasant.

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    Default Re: Designer Shaik perfumes review.

    i dont agree!

    i think the strength is not the problem
    but the used notes.

    lemon.. when extremely concentrated loses freshness
    that is so nice about it. this is the problem with boucharon... and some Arab perfumes.

    while if u smell most concentrated oud;s ad mukkalets that are amber, oud sandalwood based
    oils.. are more wearable cose iu can also dose it and that is their nature to be woodsy, heavy and dense.
    but things as lemons and limes.... and white flowers... IMO doesnt really become better over over concentrate them.

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    Default Re: Designer Shaik perfumes review.

    Yeah, density is usually a good thing. But some perfumes, especially middle eastern, are way too dense to enjoy. I've said this before, I enjoy more transparent Aouds/Ambergris, but I can see how some people enjoy Harsh, Dense Aoud, but this dense Citrus/Sandalwood combination is like a blinding sun, they're so dense you can't smell any sort of character. Also I'll mention again that density shouldn't be confused with strength.

    I don't agree about dense Ambergris as well, it loses it's character if it's too dense, and I've mentioned before that the higher quality Ambergris seems to feel less dense than the cheaper ones. That's why it's aged and not taken right away from the sea; so it develops characters, and top, middle and base notes of it's own. The aged Ambergris is still an oil, very concentrated and deep, just not to the point where your nose is so overwhelmed that it can detect nothing. Density is a good thing, but not if over-done. But even then, dense Ambergris at least has some character, dense sandalwood/lemon, at least in Designer Shaik perfumes, has no personality. And you are right, the lemon in those perfumes doesn't not smell fresh or very citrusy, but like dried up wet powder.

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    Default Re: Designer Shaik perfumes review.

    i belive in following how nature behaves in perfumery.
    wood should smell like wood and how we experience wood smell and types.

    lemons and limes are fresh by nature... concentration them to make them very thick
    as u said powdery , somhow sour powder... is just no nice.

    molook and badi al bedour can be extreemly dense.... it takes hours befor u detect single ingredient.

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