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    Lightbulb Help In Choosing Bond # 9


    I wanna buy at least one Bond #9 brand from Saks Fifth Avenue.

    Can you guys recommend me something that is NOT feminine, and long lasting? And fairly recent release.

    It would be great to read your inputs.


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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    New Haarlem, Silver Factory, H.O.T. Always and Great Jones are all worth sampling.

    The others I find mediocre, at best.
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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    New Harleem looks like is the most overrated from Bond n9

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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    I think Bond No.9 is one of the most overrated, overpriced fragrance houses on the planet.

    I always check out their new releases, and usually am disappointed to find that their "new" fragrances are nothing but clones of existing (and far cheaper) fragrances.

    That said, I have bought a couple in the past... Fire Island & Coney Island, but they're both gathering dust having not been used for a year or so.

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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    Do you have a Sak's near you or are you ordering online? If you have a store near you, I highly recommend sampling first and see how they work for you. I've owned about 10 over the years and right now I own zero. For one reason or another none worked for me in the long run. Silver Factory was the closest but didn't last more than a couple hours and the projection was very weak.

    Definitely a "sample before you buy" line.

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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    From my experience, Riverside Drive is the only one bottle worthy, but my experience is kinda limited.

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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    My favorite Bond No. 9 is Harrods Limited Edition Oud. This is the same one that they sell with Swarovski crystals on the outside of the bottle, but they also sell an uncrystalized bottle too. It is not the same as Harrods for Men! Harrods Limited Ed. This is the very best oud masculine fragrance in a perfume format that I've tried. The scent is in the same general style of but surpasses Le Labo Oud 27 and Pure Oud by Killian. It is expensive, even without the crystals, but is a large bottle and worth it. The notes are: Black pepper, cumin, amber, myrrh, oud, vetiver. It is sweet but very masculine with a rich warm oud scent that slowly becomes more masculine and leathery as in progresses over a few hours. The base is one of the best leather scents I've tried. They hit a home run with this one.

    Of the regular line, these are all above average fragrances in my opinion. Bleeker Street, H.O.T. Always, Silver Factory, New Harlem, Wall Street. You just have to try them out and see what you like. I have not yet tried the two new ones: Cooper Union and Washington Square. They sound good but haven't tried them out. As many people have said they are expensive and you pay for the name, colorful bottles etc. to end up with an ok fragrance. The most expensive one, Harrods Limited Edition (not Harrods for Men!) is the very best and in my opinion worth the money spent. And, many of the dealers do not carry it since it is part of the Limited Edtion series but the boutique in NY has it.

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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    New Haarlem, Cooper Square, Central Park.

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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    Most of the bonds i like are unisex / more feminine side =]

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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    Not that Ive had a huge amount of experience with them but what is good is excellent and the rest are really quite generic or nothing spectacular . I love Silver Factory and New Haarlem is growing on me ... possible future purchase

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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    Don't buy a fragrance based on who makes it, buy it based on how much you like it. I own Fure Island, New Haarlem, Silver Factory and Nouveau Bowery because I like them, not because they are Bond No.9. On the other end of the spectrum people won't buy certain fragrances because they're from a certain house which IMO is just limiting yourself.
    That said, here are some good ones worth trying
    Riverside Drive
    Fire Island
    New Haarlem
    Bleecker Street
    Silver Factory
    Gramercy Park

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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    Quote Originally Posted by MrFragranceReview View Post
    Don't buy a fragrance based on who makes it, buy it based on how much you like it.
    I couldn't agree more - and this especially applies to a pricey line like Bond No. 9, which is rife with mediocre/actively unpleasant scents.

    The only Bond fragrance I've sampled and really enjoyed is the oud-based Bond No. 9 Signature.
    Silver Factory and Riverside Drive are OK, but far from FB-worthy in my opinion. I'd save my $$ for something by Frederic Malle instead.

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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    Thanks for the input guys. I'll put all of them on the list and sample them this weekend.

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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    I've slowly worked my way through many of them and have been less then impressed. They're not BAD per se, just alright and then compared to the price and better similar frags, IMO many just make no sense.

    I'd suggest Riverside Drive and New Haarlem as two taht are above average.
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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    My favorites are New Haarlem, Great Jones, Chez Bond, and Silver Factory. Cooper Square is growing on me.

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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    Quote Originally Posted by BradW View Post
    From my experience, Riverside Drive is the only one bottle worthy.
    What he said.

    It's their best for men. The others are redolent of Creeds, but longer lasting. But since I am no great Creed fan on the grounds that I think Creed IS the most over-hyped and over-rated house on the planet, that's no recommendation.
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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    Bleecker Street, Central Park, Chez Bond, Hamptoms, Eau de NY, Riverside Drive
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    Bond No. 9 doesn't get a fair go on this forum. I understand the reasons for that, but it makes it difficult to get an open minded appraisal of their products here.

    Go out and sample the ones suggested by Scentologist, you might be captivated

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    New Harlem
    And if you like patchouli Hot Always

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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    New Haarlem is full bottle worthy imho
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    Default Re: Help In Choosing Bond # 9

    Bleecker Street, Cooper Sqaure, Riverside Drive, and possibly Silver Factory. Silver Factory is my SOTD, and IDk about this one. It kinda gives me that old man feeling. I got Silver Factory as my refill, but I may possible return it. I'm 29 BTW.

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