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    Question FRENCH LINE Revillon

    Has anyone tried this fragrance, and does anyone know the notes please.
    I read the two reviews of this and it sounds amazing !!

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    Default Re: FRENCH LINE Revillon

    I have it, wear it and like it. It's more Italian than French with a a very nice rendition of basil up front. Here's my review :

    I haven't had much experience with Revillon fragrances, but the accords in French Line intrigued me enough to purchase this 1984 Leather Chypre from xmen . Henry, in his usual fashion, was uber generous and sent me the gi-normous spray bottle. I think my friend knew I would like this masculine. He was on the mark once again.

    The opening demonstrates a well blended scent. A wave of spicy citrus with background wood and coriander blanket the skin. At first sniff, I thought " cinnamon"!!! had to sniff a few more times for the scent to settle down and the combination of basil with jasmin, orris and thyme in the heart gave me that initial illusion. The basil oil and thyme are perfect in these accords. I am put off when these two are used in a heavy handed fashion, but in French Line, they are just prominent enough to blend with the wood and citric notes to create a balanced aroma.

    The base is a spicy leather and propelled with castoreum and oilbanum. The listed amber really doesn't appear here for me and the addition of a subtle patchouli note doesn't help its cause any. The amber cannot find a way to raise its voice, but it really doesn't need to be heard over the others. This compilation is very masculine and sufficient just the way it is. Funny thing is that French Line smells more Italiano than's all good. This is a very good scent that features citrus and wood bolstering basil/thyme that is layered over balsamy leather. Different.....and very nice.

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    Also have a large bottle of this and use it sparingly as it's very hard to get a large spray of this again. I think it's a great scent.

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    Big thanks to both of you for this information. It sounds great. I will buy a bottle !!

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    I got a bottle of this from Paris 20 something years ago. Never saw it for sale in the US. I remember I loved the frag but don't remember what it smelled like. The bottle was very cool has a soft, rubberized kind of feel.
    I'm glad to hear this is still around. Thanks for the memories.

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