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    Default Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    Passed through Neiman Marcus 2 weeks ago at lunch time with intent to test Halston Man Amber. The tester bottle wasn't out, so while the first SA went to find one, another came up to me and asked if I'd tried Tom Ford's private collection. I had read on here prior that these scents were expensive and generally pretty strong, so I kinda gave her the "eh...not my cup of tea" face, but she insisted I smell Tobacco Vanille. She sprayed a tiny bit on one of my hands, and I was shocked.

    Man Amber was on my right hand, and TV on my left. The TV didn't wear off until I showered the following morning. For the next 2-3 days I couldn't stop thinking about how intriguing the smell of TV had been to me, albeit its monstrous sweet sillage.

    And the DRY DOWN. Spectacular.

    Long story short, I called the SA a few days later and asked if I could get a sample to try it out before I make that harsh purchase. 2 days later, I received a package from NM with not one, but two 4ml samples of Tobacco Vanille.

    For about a year, I had a ~10ml sample spray bottle of Bond No. 9's Hamptons sitting around while I tried to learn to like it. I don't. Its vile to me. So without a moment's hesitation, I unscrewed the cap, dumped the Hamptons down the sink, boiled the vial and cap, ran alcohol through the sprayer enough times to rid the Hampton's faint lingering aroma, and added both TV samples to the atomizer.

    There. My makeshift TV spray.

    I love this stuff. And I feel like you only need one, at most two, sprays of this per wearing to radiate 2-3 feet. I'm pretty sure my 8ml sample will be lasting me for quite a bit of time.

    My pockets appreciated the win and I thought you all might, too.
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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    my holy grail fragrance. I bought a 50ml bottle back in January and i wore it a lot, i held it up to the light yesterday and this sucker is still at least 80% full!!

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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    I agree Tobacco Vanille is potent. But that's so generous of NM. If only they ship these samples abroad...

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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    TV is definitely one of the very few scents that you could get away with just one or two sprays and still expect potent sillage and longevity. Yes it's expensive, but at least you absolutely get your moneysworth.

    Great result with the 4ml samples though! You'll definitely get at least 2 or 3 months out of those!

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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    While I dont care for TV, I will certainly agree is one of the most potent fragrances I've experienced. And you're right, one or two sprays would be plenty.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    You're right, 8 ml will last for ages.

    I'm wearing TV today, and went VERY easy on the trigger. 8 hours on and it's still going strong.
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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    I just bought a 50ml bottle of TV and Loooooove it. A couple years ago I bought a 10ml sample from The Perfumed Court and that finally went dry. This should last me a very long time. I think it'll be my Xmas SOTE.
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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    I feel that a 10 ml decant of TV would be perfect. I personally don't know if I would be comfortable recycling an atomizer on something as precious as TV myself. I'd probably use a clean 5 ml.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    I spent one day and went to a few (3-4) stores to ask for some samples of new things to try and in the process got about 2-3 of those 4ml's... combined I have a feeling I'll never actually need to buy a full 50ml bottle, although I probably will at some point just 'cause I owe Tom for being so generous all the time.

    pretty potent stuff so yes, I would think even a 4ml will last a while.
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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    Potent stuff for sure.

    I owned a bottle of TV for a year or two and I made it through less than 10% of the bottle. Since I had a bunch of those 4ml sample vials that I had accumulated I ended up selling my bottle. Between the potency and the frequency of wear I estimate those vials are enough for at least two years. TV is a very tenacious scent, almost too much. I find I have to make sure not to spray the same area that I applied TV to the day before cause it will reactivate it and mix with what ever I just sprayed.

    Two things I gotta mention though.

    I would not use the same atomizer for more than one scent. I have never been able to completely get rid of first fragrance used in them. The plastic just traps it and may mix with the other scent. Your miles may vary but atomizers are so cheap that its not worth the risk to me.

    Also you dumped ~10ml of perfectly good juice down the drain. What a waste. I know you weren't fond of that scent but theres probably some one on here that would have gladly traded you for something of interest.

    Also if you like TV check out Guerlains' Spirituesse Double Vanille.
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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    lol! i did the same thing...then ended up buying a 30mL decant. that stuff is addicting!

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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    BradW and Futami, I definitely agree about not wanting to put new juice in a vial that housed old juice. Generally, that wouldn't be my preference. However, it was all I had. And it's glass, not plastic. Otherwise it would've melted when I boiled it. I rinsed it 10-20 times with warm water and alcohol, and THEN boiled it for quite a while. So yea, while you can never be sure you got rid of every faint hint of old fragrance, I think I did a pretty good job. I'm not a fan of applying fragrances by dabbing, because I don't believe it creates the same aura, so I felt I had to transfer the fragrance to an atomizer. And it smells the same, to me, as the two previous times I've tested TV at Neiman Marcus. If the difference in fragrance is THAT great because of the method I decided on...dahwell. But I don't think it is.

    As for wasting the Bond, yea....that was a pretty rushed idea, but quite honestly I don't regret it. Some poor guy sitting in his Bond No. 9 fragrance shrine, fantasizing about a sample of Hamptons cried out somewhere in the world when I did that. He'll be alright though.
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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    I remember hosting a split for a 250ml bottle of this, and the amount I have left will be way more than I'd ever need in my life. It's so strong, I only need 2 sprays when i wear it. And since each spray is about .1ml, a 4ml sample would theoretically last me 20 wearings. And I might wear it only 20 times a year, almost all in late December, January or Early February.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    Yes, in my experience, samples are enough for this fragrance, and many others. I bought about 10 TV official samples on Ebay for about $40 shipped earlier this year. I use it whenever I want, and have plenty of it left.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille samples may actually be...enough?

    My 4ml sample has been lasting me for quite some time. At least a good 5 wearings and it isn't even half way done. You really only need a few dabs.. but it isn't something I wear everyday because of such a vigorous rotation, or else rest assured, the 4ml would have been history.

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