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Thread: Missing Reviews

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    Unhappy Missing Reviews

    Never a dull moment - some prolific reviewers, myself included, have discovered that a percentage of our reviews have gone missing from the Directory. I can't detect any pattern to the disappearances. Any thoughts?

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    Is there a particular review that you know is missing? Some reviews may have not transferred over when I converted them. If that's the case, I should be able to compare old and new and see what's missing.

    Or is it that the number count is different?

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    Default Re: Missing Reviews

    Hi Grant,

    It's specific reviews, not count, and I'm still poring through nearly 1000 reviews to see which are missing.

    So far:

    Ambre Précieux (replaced before "Add Review" went down)
    Dior Homme
    Eau d'Hadrien
    En Passant

    but I'm only up to "G" in my wardrobe.

    I don't mind resubmitting the missing reviews once the "Add Review" function is up again, but I know that some other members have lost many more reviews than I have.

    Thanks so much!

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    Oh don't worry about looking for all of them, now i know a few,I should be able to set up some sort of code, which will do it automatically

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    Default Re: Missing Reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by Grant View Post
    Oh don't worry about looking for all of them, now i know a few,I should be able to set up some sort of code, which will do it automatically
    Thanks - this is tedious! I've been at it for hours and hours, and I'm still only on "N."

    Meanwhile, additional missing reviews include:

    Impérial Opoponax
    Knize Ten
    Krizia Uomo
    L’Heure Bleue
    Lys Méditerranée
    Nicolaï pour Homme
    No. 88

    ...if that will make it any easier to track the rest down.

    Again, my thanks!

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    Default Re: Missing Reviews

    I'm only doing reviews for Fragrantica now, but when the BN directory is bug-free, I suggest making a big announcement so people like me can get back into the game here. Right now, it is just way too frustrating with all the problems. Why can other sites do this but not BN? Is it a technical/software issue? I've volunteered to help out, preventing inappropriate reviews from being posted, but nobody has taken me up on that offer. The BN directory is great to read, but trying to add a review or a modify one is not something I want to try to do anymore, until I know it is 100%.

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    Default Re: Missing Reviews

    Any word on when new reviews will be added? The most recent ones are from Nov. 18th.
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