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    Default Other Perfumes/Houses (oldies)

    Other Perfume Houses:

    A.H.A. Bergmann (Waldheim, Germany)
    Extrait ExtraFin - (unisex, 1910, discont. came in lotion, extrait, cologne and powders)

    Johore/ James Smart Argentina
    Agua de Colonia (unisex, early 20th cent. discont.)

    Laserna (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    Extracto de Laserna (for men, discont, early 20th cent.)

    Vanderbilt Argentina (Buenos Aires Argentina)
    7 Brujas (for women, discont. 30s -no relation to Gloria V.)

    Mouson (Germany, made scents for spanish and german markets)
    Lavender (unisex, discont, 30s)

    J&E Atkinson LTD. (London, England)
    Eau de Cologne Gold Medal (for men, discont, 20s) House was located at 24 Old Bond Street. was later bought by an italian investor and later had some scents sold to different companies. Today, some scented products like I Coloniali and Mirra & Mirra are sold by Rose & Co. (UK)


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    Avon (USA) made in spain for Avon Cosmetics
    Promise of Heaven (for women discont.)
    Roses, Roses (for women discont.)
    Dear friends: Roses, Roses (for women discont. )

    Potter & Moore (Mitcham, UK)
    Lavender a.k.a Mitcham Lavender (a cologne, unisex, 1749, discont.) note- the house still makes scents (only 5), they are posted on the directory!
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    Murray & Lanman
    (USA) aldo made 2 other scents (other than their Florida Water):
    Orange Blossom and
    Rose Water

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    Default Re: Other Perfumes/Houses (oldies)

    some of the avon ones:


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    Hello Basenoters, here i will post about other houses now...

    There's another famous missing American House called Vivaudou, founded in 1915 in NY and flourished in the early 20s thanks to perfumes or "toilet waters" as some were called like the very famous Mavis (for women - 1915) and Mai d'Or (for women - 1920). Mavis in particular had a wide range of toiletries such as talc, face powder, face rouge, soap, cream, face cream, perfume, etc.

    Later on the house saw a growing business in France as well, as it settled in 15 Rue Royale in Paris and once again, Mavis was the best seller of their line.

    Vivaudou had links to Delettrez in France and at one time they ended up representing Vivaudou when they couldn't do any more business overseas. The company had a tremendous fallout in the mid-late 20s because of mishandlings and went nearly bankrupt, later on, they were sold to another company.

    Vivaudou had at one point more than 40 fragrances in production.


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    Default Re: Other Perfumes/Houses (oldies)

    I have added the Avons, they are in line to be approved. When the older houses are in the directory, I will start adding the fragrances you listed.

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