Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has launched Sampsuchinon, a new fragrance in the Secrets of Egypt collection:

Dedicated to the God of the Crocodiles, Sobek, Sampsuchinon is a wonderfully green scent with unexpected nuances of spice and resin that gives it it’s unique depth. For my talk at Denver Art Museum in September, I recreated an exact recipe of the ancients for Sampsuchinon as well as demostrated a more modern adaptation of this unusual scent. I am so excited to now offer this wonderful Egyptian perfume as a part of the Secrets of Egypt Collection.

The notes include fragrant wine accord, lemongrass, marjoram, cassia, honey, marjoram, origanum, costus, myrrh, Peru balsam, spikenard and tolu balsam.

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Sampsuchinon is available in Perfume or Solid Perfume, $25-48.