Fury is a Scent by Mt. Romance using the oil of the the grass tree plant, and I'd love to review, but I can't.

Oh I've purchased a bottle and I like it well enough. It starts off a little thin with what seems to be a lemon myrtle note then over the next half hour it blooms as it warms, it's sillage at that point is at it's height, gradually over the next couple of hours it settles to a skin scent which gently fades to about the 8 hour mark.

Which all seems wonderful except that I haven't described what it smells like, now this can be because of my undoubted limitations, if it isn't leather, amber, tabacco or woody then it isn't my bag. Though I have smelled enough fougeres, chypres, florals etc to be able to line a few up and understand them; this one escapes me.

It does smell natural, in feel if not content it reminds me of Trumper's Wild Fern and Penhailgon's English Fern, those walks in an English forest, and is closer to them than Knize Forest which starts in the forest and walks into wild flowers. Fury is a part of the Australian bush, a hot summer day, a shower and a cool change. It isn't complex at all there is no great development, and the end of the drydown seems to be a light synthetic musk. It is however very pleasant indeed and for me far preferable to any amount of woody aquatics, perfectly suited to a summer's day.

I have contacted Mt. Romance on 3 occasions, they have been most kind and said they would get back to me with the fragrance notes, sadly they didn't get back to at all and now I'm tired of waiting.

Some would ask why I'm bothering? The grass tree is a new product and a natural one at that, if as I suspect, Fury is little more than the oil with an extender then it has a lot of potential, I'd just like someone better than me to have a go.

I'm looking for a nose that is better than mine, and I'm happy to provide three 5ml. decants gratis. If you're interested send me a PM and we'll take it from there.