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    Default Byredo La Tulipe

    Byredo La Tulipe

    Top notes: rhubarb, cyclamen, freesia
    Heart notes: tulip
    Base notes: green notes, "blond wood" and vetiver

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    Default Re: Byredo La Tulipe

    I just sampled this today, expecting to be disappointed (ultra expensive niche lines have the tendency to disappoint)... and I love it! More than love, I feel like singing and dancing through the field of super bright tulips I'm hallucinating

    The tulip is both powdery and bright and matched with what I initially thought was a custard / crumble note but must in fact be the rhubarb making me think "yum, pudding!" by association. And a green flower stem background. I get that same sense of transparency as in the fragrances you get from real flowers - petals whose scent has been freshly released into the air.

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