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    Default I wouldn't dare!

    Ok, a challenge.

    We have a lot of threads about which scents we hate and love, but how about one about comfort levels wearing fragrances in public?

    Which fragrance (niche or designer) would you be mortified to wear outside the house and in public? Which scent would cause you to shy away from people and suck the confidence from your brain?

    It obviously doesn't have to be a scent you hate. For example, I love Black Aoud but have seen many negative reactions to my wearing it. I love the scent but am very self-conscious about leaving the house with it's heady brew wafting from my cleavage.

    So come on... share... what scent would make you curl up in the fetal position like the cowardly lion in the middle of a mall!

    And I am sure there are many of you that will respond "I'm not afraid to wear anything in pubic, with chests puffed out" but keep in mind, those responses aren't in line with the focus of my original post!

    Thanks... lets have some fun!


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    A Men. I own it but don't wear it past my front door.

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    Black March for me
    “Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other.”
    Karl, age 5


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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!


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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    Good thread Q, Snowbunny.

    I have one at the moment. I do like Givenchy Gentleman, but it is something I would not wear out in public. And like you said, it doesn't mean I dislike the scent. I just know it will cause a commotion. Its a fragrance that has allowed me to appreciate and enjoy patchouli, something I never did before I sampled it. Its base is wonderful too. I would love to hear of fragrances with similar if not the same base. I don't have a full bottle of it, however. Still debating over that.

    Black Aoud is actually a close second ( sorry for the unoriginal reply). Far too much sillage. There are times in my life where I could get away with wearing it in public.
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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    I don't own it anymore (used it all up), but when I had a bottle of Santalia, it was a scent I only wore to bed. It was a comforting blend of Australian sandalwood and rose, crafted by the maestro of MPG, Jean LaPorte. It just seemed like one of those scents I couldn't wear outside the comfort of my own home and I was fine with that. I wish I could find more of this stuff.

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    I have finally overcome my personal challenge with Lyric in public, but as much as I love Profumum Vanitas - for now it's a comfort scent at home!

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    Gaultier 2. It's one of my absolute favorites, but my girlfriend says it makes me smell like her grandmother , so now it just wear it around the house for me

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    Out of all my bottles, the ONLY one that I don't wear out is MPG Parfum d'Habit vintage.. I'll wear it sometimes indoors, but damn if it doesn't smell like I'm walking past a dark alley where neighborhood low life's take a convenient piss.

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    I'm a bit uncomfortable when I wear Black Orchid, Black Aoud, and Chanel #5.
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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    I usually put a lot of thought into what I wear out of the house, and it takes longer to decide what frag I wear than what clothes I wear. That being said I don't think I have a frag that I just wouldn't wear, but I almost never wear Stetson out when I will be around people my own age, but I probably will soon though(maybe).

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    Quote Originally Posted by Surfacing View Post
    (1)Good thread Q, Snowbunny.

    (2)Givenchy Gentleman,
    (3)Black Aoud
    N, with you on all 3. Yes, even Black Aoud, I'm starting to realise I should have got it in normal concentration instead.

    The champ that got me paranoid android, is ELDO's Rien. I have a high tolerance for leather/animalic, but this one will consume you, be careful, it is VERY difficult to wash off too. Have you tried this one, Kim?

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    Wow, twice in one day I get to mention the same scent.

    Out of fragrances I have actually tried, the two I would never be able to wear in public would be SL MKK and Sonoma Scent Studios Fireside Intense. Neither will I wear at home either.

    The two I love to wear at home but haven't done in public are Idole and Amber Russe. They could give the impression of one who has had a bit too much vodka or rum... which is sort of funny because I'm not shy about having a bit to much vodka in public every now and then (safely and when appropriate, mind you).
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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    For me it's Bond No.9 Silver Factory. I own a bottle since I love it have rarely worn it yet. My ex HATED the smell of it and the SA where I bought it despised it too. It's been in the back of my mind and I've been a bit wary because of it.

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    Another scent that falls into this group is Gaulter's Fleur du Male. I find it a beautiful composition but I find that its crazy sillage makes me quite uncomfortable. Besides, this is one I've received direct insults from while wearing it (from friends and family)

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    Probably Kouros
    Currently wearing: Ambré Noble by Zara

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    ps fine cologne

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    I'm a new perfume addict, though I've been wearing it for years and years, of course. And I happen to LOVE Angel despite my initial response (horror). However, considering its prevalence (I prefer not to smell like everyone else) and rep (who wants people to recoil?), I only wear it at home... dabbed, not sprayed. lol

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    Kouros and Iquitos.. i feel as though im slapping everyone on my way..

    im very comfortable with BlackOudh, Oudh Lime and gentlemen.. these also happens to be some of scents which gets me compliments, regularly... snowbunny...let it waft.. im sure it's only gettign good attention

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    XS by Paco Rabanne

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    After consulting my wardrobe, another scent I can't seem to bring myself to wear in public is Heritage EDT by Guerlain. I love this dusty, classy, rich fragrance but one of the few times I wore it out, someone commented on the 'patchouli' stink coming from the office. Another time it made someone sneeze. For those prepared to hit the reply button after responding "Well, you were wearing too much", I will save you the trouble. I was wearing one spray! I don't ultimately care what people think but at the same time, my goal is not to make other people around me uncomfortable or to cause headaches wherever I go.

    It's interesting that many of the common fragrances listed are not worn very often around where I live. I have never smelled Angel Man, Le Male or L'eau D'Issey anywhere. The popular ones here seem to be the Versace Eau Fraiche type fragrances, Play/Play intense... as well as those that are always on clearance. I have smelled so much Zirh Corduroy in and around Ottawa it's been touching off a gag reflex. We often see bottles of Canali and Armani Code on sale as well At least with scents like "Light Blue for men", people can spray and spray and it disappears in minutes.... but once you get a scent like Corduroy in the hands of a teen out to impress who wishes to squirt themselves 15 times minimum, it becomes a little much. Actually Polo (original) is actually one I smell quite often... among the young and old.


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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    A*men or B*men, those puke inducing scents not only are repulsive, but their projection is so intense that I feel intruding into other people space.
    Eternity and Aramis, almost as bad as the previous.
    Opium for men, it smells like cat piss on me.
    Ice Blue Aqua Velva, Skin Bracer, Old Spice or English Leather, unless I want to impress my granmother LOL

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    Probably Poison from Dior , the original stink-a-thon power house . I love it but could never imagine wearing it

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    Definitely Lutens' Muscs Koublai Khan. I adore the fragrance, but it's just a bit too "post-coital" for me to feel comfortable wearing it in public. Masterfully executed musk, though. Absolutely brilliant.

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    I couldn't care less what others think of what I wear on a particular day.

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pour_Monsieur View Post
    Probably Poison from Dior , the original stink-a-thon power house . I love it but could never imagine wearing it
    This is what first popped in my mind. The only time I have ever worn Poison outside of my house (I own the Esprit de Parfum - REALLY strong) is at an indoor rave/dance party. It worked beautifully - cutting through all of the fog, cigarette smoke and hot air. Besides that, I sort of feel like I'm wearing a 40 gallon hat with tassels and flowers on it when I wear it.

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    I am pretty daring, but I won't wear a boozy scent to work.

    I am not sure how others would perceive it, but I wouldn't want any risk of the perception that I am somehow under the influence.
    Currently wearing: Augusto by Mazzolari

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    I wore Black Aoud to a class held inside a church auditorium. It was a big space and I used 2 spritz's! I won't do that again! After the sillage bomb hit I was trapped with a "who me?" on my face.

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    KOUROS - that one is stricktly for home use!

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    Default Re: I wouldn't dare!

    Kouros - Because i think it smells like an old womans incence filled bedroom
    1 Million - Because it's far too common(But i love the smell so i wear it at home and in bed all the time)
    Joop - Same as 1 Million.

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