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    Default bought oils that not mad on, am happy to give away or swap)

    out of the batch i boought , I got 5mls kaffir lime peel, massoia , rhodedendron leaf 1ml fire tree and paulo santo holy wood oil i think thats 5 mls.
    I don't like them at all so if anyone either wantsd them for free or wants to swap an oil, i don't mind, pm me and i'll send them!(in the uk)
    Seems a waste to not use them or bin them. bluebell x
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    Default Re: bought oils that not mad on, am happy to give away or swap)

    Just a random thought, but they might be worth keeping. You never know when you may actually need a "stinky" oil. It may be just the right thing when you are working on something specific.

    For example, I bought this one really odd and rather rare oil that I'd never really heard anyone use before. This was purchased in a huge bulk order from an online oil supplier so I had no idea what I was really getting. Well, when I got it I was quite upset because it was VERY sour and tart and just downright stinky. I thought it was useless.

    Months later I was working on a grapefruit accord and I wanted the grapefruit to be much tarter than grapefruit oil, which is actually fairly sweet. Lemon wasn't tart enough, and things like cedar leaf oil and such were too green (and sweet, in the case of cedar leaf). I was sniffing through a bunch of random oils searching for just the right thing when I came across the stinker and realized it just might work. Sure enough, at a ratio of about 10% this oil to 90% grapefruit, it worked beautifully and added just the tartness I was looking for. The accord was now more grapefruit peel than sweet grapefruit.

    A number of perfumery's finest materials don't actually smell all that great on their own (ie civet, ambergris, many floral absolutes such as the lotuses, etc).
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    Default Re: bought oils that not mad on, am happy to give away or swap)

    I did the same recently with a rather bland perfume. I used just a touch of 1% birch tar and it was transformed. However if you really don't want them then I shall swap you for pretty much anything you like that is natural. I don't have aromachemicals. I can send you a pm'd list of my oils.

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    Default Re: bought oils that not mad on, am happy to give away or swap)

    thanks so much mumsy.. ive pmed you

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