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    Default Is it possible to "refill" a bottle?

    I've been wondering, let's say i have a regular retail bottle with a CRIMPED on cap and an atomizer. Is it possible to somehow "refill" the bottle? any ideas?

    for example, I have a large decant and want to add it to my half used bottle, can it be done? Maybe with a needle+syringe?
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    Default Re: Is it possible to "refill" a bottle?

    With the crimped tops, I wouldn't want to risk damage and/or loosen the seal and deal with evaporation. I understand not wanting wardrobe redundancy, but it might be best just to hurry up and use the decant up so the bottle can stand alone in its glory!
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    Default Re: Is it possible to "refill" a bottle?

    Ive done it a few times with the cheaper frags like Old Spice - OS Signature. I accidentally bought the aftershave type bottle without the spray head. I pried off the spray top from an empty OS bottle and used pliers to remove the inner plastic seal then filled the bottle. I then laid a thin bead of hot glue around the top perimeter and replaced the components. I don't see this working on more expensive bottles, I'm looking over my expensive bottles right now and don't see a way to properly reseal them after a refill using the "attack" and rip open method. If the bottle has an old-school atomizer then you should be able to just unscrew the top and possible unscrew a barrel enclosing an interior cylinder. After refilling replacing these items properly and securely should reseal the bottle.
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