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    Which of the following niche is quite expensive (100ml more than 120 euros):
    -serge lutens
    -parfumerie generale
    -profumum roma
    -annick goutal
    -nez e nez
    -Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier
    -Private Blend Tom Ford
    -the different
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    All of them will cost you more than 120 Euro for 100ml

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    Actually, Goutal is relatively budget-friendly in comparison. I believe their prices will hover around 100 € for 100 ml.

    Montale is usually around 100-120 €.

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    I checked prices only for Creed, Serge Lutens, Montale and Tom Ford, the least expensive is Montale i think.

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    You might like to add Parfums de Nicolai to that list - a very reasonably priced collection that includes some contemporary classics. And while they are not technically 'niche' the Chanel Exclusifs are about USD 1 per ml.
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    I think Annick Goutal is the most cheap, and Clive Christian the most expensive.

    The choice is yours my son!

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