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    Default Paris Perfume Tour?

    Hi everyone,

    Just read Denyse's blog detailing the Left & Right bank of Paris. I'm a perfume newbie, so I don't know if anyone has ever talked about this, but I wanted to sign up! I know there are wine tours, culinary tours, has anyone ever done a perfume tour?

    In a perfect world, Denyse would be leading a tour through Paris and I could go with other perfumistas who would all be giving their thoughts as we sampled all these houses. Then we'd stop for a great lunch at some bistro and pull out all our samples and compare and contrast. Four days or so, hitting the houses, talking to some of the noses, maybe even getting a behind the scenes at a house on putting a scent together, that would be heaven!! Of course getting great food and drink which we could all discuss what we'd experienced that day would be a great way to wind down the evening before another scent-filled day.

    Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? I'd start saving all my stray dollars if this were possible!

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    Default Re: Paris Perfume Tour?

    I'm sure it exists. You might want to consult a blog called Grain de Musc. It's also in English and you can send her a message. There are occasional Basenotes meet-ups in areas. I attended a San Francisco one. I hope to go to London in October, so I'll keep my eyes open for events. Try Googling what you're looking for.
    Start saving now! Buying perfume in France is a treat. You can lose your mind, I did!

    ***I now see that you were reading the blog I just mentioned!
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    Default Re: Paris Perfume Tour?

    There are travel groups for Grasse, but a class seemed more interesting. Again google it or even the French Tourist Board had info. Also Frommers.

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    Default Re: Paris Perfume Tour?

    Hi Kalynne!

    Thanks for the input. Yeah I saw some classes, but I loved that the blog actually hit many of the exclusive shops to try their perfumes. I live in the sticks, so basically the most niche we get is Sephora and Macy's. High end here would be a 3 hour drive to Saks! Basically what I"m looking for is a culinary tour but with perfume. I'd love to follow Denyse's route, but with a group. I see all the comments on her blog about how everyone would love to go but are kind of intimidated by going by themselves so I was wondering if a group thing had ever been discussed.

    I missed a trip to Paris with a friend a couple years ago when I tore my achilles and I've been dreaming of going ever since. I'm sure I'd lose my mind, but isn't that half the fun?

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    Default Re: Paris Perfume Tour?

    Hi Elizrj, I'm glad my little itineraries sounded so tempting to you... I don't actually do "Perfume in Paris" tours, but I was considering putting something together with the London College of Fashion where I teach, perhaps some time next year. Meanwhile you can check out the Osmoz website, they have this type of activity programmed on some afternoons (not affiliated, etc.).
    If I get something going of course I'll be sure to advertise it on Grain de Musc...

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    Default Re: Paris Perfume Tour?

    Hi there!

    Thank you for answering my post! I really do think you should consider doing one of these. I'd be thrilled to pay for a tour and I think many people would as well. It makes you nervous to travel as a single woman alone in a country where you don't speak the language, but if you were in a group and led by someone who knew the area and was passionate about it ... oh my! Imagine a group of 10 or so people, all passionate about perfume, getting to smell and talk about it as they walked about Paris. Imagine having dinner together and everyone pulling out scented strips, or smelling 15 different places on their arms and arguing over which they're the most excited about, all while dining and drinking and laughing. Imagine the chance for those of us that are in the sticks of the USA to get to eat a perfect croissant, drink a tiny cup of espresso and talk about where all we were stopping for the day ... all those perfume lines we read about but never even get a whiff of. I'd love to throw in an afternoon at the Louvre, a morning in a class actually making a perfume, an evening at the Eiffel tower. All with friends you met on this perfume journey. Maybe it's just a dream, but I'd say it's a pretty good one, and I for one would happily pay to experience even some of it.

    Love your blog, and so appreciate your posts. I'll keep reading, watching and dreaming of a trip!

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    Default Re: Paris Perfume Tour?

    I don't have the income, but I know you can pay for a personal guide so I'm sure there's one that specializes in perfume purchases. The benefit of a group, especially one like Basenotes, we're considered good customers and we're given good samples. There's also Fragrantica and Sniffapalooza. Sniffa. Is planing a trip to Spain next year. Their site isn't as extensive, but the blogs are good. I always travel alone and I have high school French. Check out Rick Steves for travel advice. It's how I was able to travel in Europe for 5 weeks on my own. I was 27.

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    Default Re: Paris Perfume Tour?

    Ps. Check out the similar threads at the bottom if the page. Even at our SF meet up, there were more men. Wide variety of knowledgable, men.

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