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    Smile #1 Uplifting Scent?

    What's your #1 fragrance that lifts you up when you're feeling down? The scent that always brings a smile to your face, puts you in an upbeat mood and restores your optimism about humanity.

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    le male and allure homme edition blanche and bleu de chanel

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    a good lavender makes me happy and peppy.
    l'occitane's lavender harvest for example.

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    I tend to reach for Givenchy Play, believe it or not. It is, as its name indicates, playful.

    Another very playful scent that I enjoy, despite its overt synthetic qualities, is Outrageous! by Frederic Malle. Steam cleaned orange blossom and apples. Fun!
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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    Creed Silver Mountain Water.

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    Hard to tell, almost anything both in my wardrobe, as well as on my wish list/test list, maybe, on a certain level, this is one of the reasons while I chose to enjoy these frags in the first place

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    Eau Sauvage.

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    Montana Pour Homme. very BIG smile
    For calming down: Yatagan, Safari(m)

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    i agree with eau sauvage and lavender scents. any great citrus/cologne will work. simple, good-humoured vanilla scents work too, like pour un homme (vanilla+lavender) or tocade (vanilla+rose). different forms of being down ask for different scents, just lift the cap and smell the bottle, and see if it works. if it makes you feel better, spray it on. if it doesn't, find something else.

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    uplifted about humanity? nitric oxide
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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    Freshly baked loaves & freshly brewed coffee.
    Currently wearing: Cuoio by Odori

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    Joop! pour Homme
    PS Cologne
    D&G pour Homme
    Cool Water

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    I'm sure this is very cliché, but I'll go with Clinique's Happy for Men.

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    Most uplifting for me is Energizer by Boadicea the Victorious, with Carthusia Mediterraneo coming in a close second.
    My favourite No.1 scent is Xerjoff Nio, but it's not as uplifting.

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    L'eau par Kenzo followed by Allure Edition Blanche

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    Quote Originally Posted by Diamondflame View Post
    Freshly baked loaves & freshly brewed coffee.
    Good one! :-)

    For me, L'Artisan Timbuktu never fails.

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?


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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    Eau Dynamisante by Clarins.

    Concentré D'Orange Verte by Hermès

    Aramis New West (preferably old bottle)
    Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland
    Azzaro Aqua
    Gloria by Cacharel

    PM me if you have bottles that you're willing to sell or trade!

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    JV's Artisan Black

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    DnG the one

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    CLEAN for men

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    Mugler Cologne

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    Mugler Cologne too

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    The Different Company Bergamote.

    Their Osmanthus also does the trick

    Diptyque Eau Lente for sustained lifting.

    Amouage Homage if serious lifting is required.

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    TdH for me, when i wear it i just think "i smell great"

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    Citrus is reputed to be uplifting, so +1 for Blanche.
    Playful scents too, such as Le Male.

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?


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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    Boss Bottled, Lanvin L'Homme, and D&G Pour Homme! These alway mellow me out and just always puts a smile on my face! These I wear on days where I know they're going to be stressful. To me, they smell great but are also very comforting! I love them!

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    L'Occitane Eau des Baux
    I picked up Creed Windsor last month and it has potential to be in this category.

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    Default Re: #1 Uplifting Scent?

    Laphroaig?? I second that! Yes, I have ''my'' piece of land thanks to Laphroaig.

    But in the world outside of top notch Scotch, Amouage Opus II does a mighty fine job of uplifting as does Creed's Bois du Portugal.

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