Basenotes Fragrance Shopping was inspired by a website I coded about five years ago (see on, which aimed to make it easier to shop for perfume online. I never got round to finishing it properly and I left it to die.

I have now brought it back to life: Introducing Basenotes Fragrance Shopping!

Basenotes Fragrance Shopping is a way to search through several shops at once to find the scent you are looking for.

We are currently in beta mode, and there are several things you should be aware of before using this!

Matching algorithm fail

Due to the fact that each vendor formats their feeds slightly differently, it can be sometimes difficult to detect which fragrance is being referred to. It is especially difficult when you have male and female versions of a fragrance (Eternity & Eternity for Men) and the vendor doesn't specify which is which.

One bug we have at the moment is that if a fragrance house has a fragrance names after the house: eg - Guerlain Homme, Calvin Klein, Azzaro, Dior Homme etc, often fragrances will get dumped under that brand. I've got a fix for this which will go out in a few days

Gift Sets

Sometimes the system thinks things are gift sets when they are not

Search options

Currently searching is limited. You cannot do a free-search, or refine by price or size (though the drop down is misleadingly there for size). This will appear soon

Prices & Exchange rates

All prices are correct the last time we updated them, but please check with the vendors for actual current prices as well as shipping (which is not included). We aim to be up to date with exchange rates, but this are meant as a guide only so please check with the vendor the actual charge.

Tidying up

There's a lot of tidyng up to do . Sometimes the navbar disappears - sometimes the title just says "Shopping"

Have fun!

I hope you enjoy this new feature. If you buy something from a vendor using this Shopping feature, Basenotes will receive a small cut, which helps ensure we can keep going and provide more and more stuff for you!

Comments etc

I have started a new forum especially. Please post comments / Questions in there.