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    Question Montale

    Hi guys,

    I am just wondering what your favourite Montale scent it. I am curious about this fragrance house and would love to know what you think.


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    I bought a few girly samples from Luckyscent. All the rose ouds and White Oud which is my favorite so far. I'm totally curious about the various scents of oud, but it's not easily obtained. I'm saving my little $'s to go to London where there's more variety to sample in person.
    I could have sworn Montale's were in my area 20 years ago, but I smelled them in Harrods. I feel like you have to develop a friendship with Montale's. The more you wear it, the more you like it.
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    Kalynne, Montale is a relatively new house, you could not have smelled them 20 years ago. I'm not sure if you mean you smelled them recently in harrods but until very recently Montale has had no UK distribution at all. Perhaps that has changed now?
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    Full Incense

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    My favorite: Black Oud , clasic oud fragrance. Montale fragrances are typical oriental fragrances done in the arabian way. They are very different from the western style oriental perfumes, very strong sillage(powerhouse) and a lot of oud inside with rose, leather, amber,musk

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    I like Montale's Vanille Absolu. It's a smoky warm vanilla. Not too sweet.

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    Best fragrance house imo, if you get the one ones that don't smell alike. The only problem I have with them.

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    I love and purchased Red Vetiver and both my husband and I wear it.

    Be careful with their musks and order samples first if you're not testing scents at the store. I found several that I could barely smell and was completely anosmic to their White Musk.

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    Black Aoud is by far the best from this house.
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    I have and recommend leather aoud, a strong leather oud combination (there's another one called oud cuir d'arabie), and lime aoud (nothing to do with lime or fresh, it's a potent oud with interesting notes).

    +1 also for Black oud.


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    I'm new to this fragrance thing. I've only ever owned Nautica Voyage, Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey, Bvlgari pour homme (which I'd like to bin) and smelled a dozen few others. And I bought Millesime Imperial and Burberry London thanks to this forum-- love them both. But I love oud that you get in the mid east oil based fragrances. I remember when I first smelled it and was like "this is a fragrance??" but it grows on you and now I think it's damn awesome. I have no idea which type I smelled. I have a dark brown/black oil based fragrance in a small bottle but I have no idea what type of oud it is.

    Anyway, so Black Oud by Montale is the one to look out for? Anyone in UK know where you can test this out in Birmingham?

    What occasions/seasons do you guys wear fragrances that feature oud strongly? It's kinda dark and mysterious I guess, not sure it would work at work but the smell is addictive

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    @ Badr I think Harrods carried it. I would call the dept stores on that level or go on the Montale website for locations.

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    You're right. La Samaritaine in Paris reminded me so much of The domed Emporium Capwell's in San Francisco, thinking back to 1rst sniffing Montale, I thought it was here. It's been almost 10 yrs since I was in La Samaritaine. I was dizzy with their perfume selection...days after my mind was blown at Harrods. I think Galleries Lafayette's perfume dept was being redone. Stuck in a small space, but I did discover Miller Harris and bought yet another perfume!

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