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Thread: Grey Flannel???

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    Default Grey Flannel???

    Hi all, can I beg some advice please?!

    Cheap Smells (UK) has some Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene, that I am tempted to get for my nearest and dearest this Christmas. He's not a huge fragrance fanatic, but has just become intrigued with the art of straight razor shaving, and has been asking for some bits to slap on his face lol.

    Grey Flannel has got a great many +ve reviews from Basenoters, but I am still in two minds whether or not to take a blind punt on it.

    He is a very young acting 32 and the only scent he raves about is Paul Smith For Men although he owns one or two real high street 'unremarkable' bottles too (like Umbro!).

    Do I look for something else or do you think for the cheap price it's worth a gamble, or can anyone suggest anything else inexpensive please?!!! Thanks!

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    Grey Flannel is one of those love it or hate it frag. It is a very strong, masculine, green, mossy, lots of violets fragrance. It has that "old man" vibe. I don't think that this is a safe blind buy even if you get it cheap.

    Try Azzaro Pour Homme. It has that "mature" smell as well but definitely smells better than Grey Flannel.

    I own both and I prefer Azzaro PH.

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    Thanks volley, I just had a quick look at Azzaro Pour Homme on Basenotes directory reviews, and I love the fragrance notes (it's my kind of list!). And a good price too.

    I'm glad I asked before I jumped in and made that purchase!

    Advice is much appreciated

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel???

    Everyone should own Grey Flannel. (I think it is in the new US health care bill.)

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel???

    Quote Originally Posted by vonMises View Post
    Everyone should own Grey Flannel. (I think it is in the new US health care bill.)

    I might have to seek a sample out for my own curiousity based on that health care bill

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel???

    Azzaro is a strong frag as well. But the dry down is regal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiral View Post
    ...he has just become intrigued with the art of straight razor shaving, and has been asking for some bits to slap on his face.
    Do you think he wants an aftershave or EdT?

    I would recommend sniffing Grey Flannel before buying it. It can be found very cheaply, but there are those who like it and those who don't. You won't be out much if you do buy it and he doesn't like it, though.

    It is a classic men's fragrance. I've always liked it and still wear it occasionally, but I like the strong violet leaf note. It is quite distinctive, and once you smell it you won't forget it. Grey Flannel is dry, lean, and a bit sharp. It softens a bit in the drydown but it never becomes really soft or powdery. I find it bracing, clean and masculine.

    I believe that many people interested in straight razor shaving are also interested in classic men's shaving products, especially those produced by the English companies George F. Trumper, Trueffitt and Hill, Taylors of Old Bond Street, and others. Fragrances typically associated with shaving include citrus (especially lemon and lime), lavender, and traditional fougeres (which also contain lavender, but with the addition of coumarin and usually oak moss). The smell I most associate with barbershops is fougere, but that is based on my experience in the U.S. I think the typical barbershop smell in the U.K. may tend more towards a straight lavender, but I'm not sure. If you do want a fougere, the aforementioned Azzaro Pour Homme is a very good one, and Trumper and Penhaligon's also make more traditionally styled versions.

    Good luck!

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    spiral- as noggs is kind of pointing out, you need to determine whether you want to buy him aftershave or Eau de Toilette.

    We mention it because you talk of "bits to slap on his face." Most of what we discuss in here are Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfums, which are not meant to smacked on face. The scent in these is far too strong to be spread over a wide area like a face, and they don't contain any soothing ingredients for shaved skin.

    Aftershaves are often available in scented varieties, some of which are meant to compliment an Eau de Toilette from the same maker. e.g. You can often find Grey Flannel as an aftershave balm in addition to the EdT.

    As a wet shaver myself, I think it's important to make that distinction. A web site like Badger and Blade (where he may be a member) is loaded with true aftershave recommendations.

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    I think Gray Flannel is a very well made fragrance, it exhudes quality, and very pleasant smelling, masculine, classic, in few words, it is really good, but (and here comes the BIG BUT), it has nothing on it to get you excited, it is not a "blah" scent either, but is is rather plain IMO. Comfortable, indeed, but it would not make me walk a mile to get it, if you get my drift.

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    Grey Flannel is probably THE BEST value buy that I know of. I love it--a great fragrance for winter/gloomy days.

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