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    Default Something like Dior J'Adore

    My friend loves this fragrance so much so her Christmas gift is going to be something like it. Would really appreciate some recommendations, especially if it's a bit on the niche side. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Something like Dior J'Adore

    Hi Venutian!
    I don`t know deeply J`adore, but i have seem at "Perfumes The Guide" Luca Turin comparing Belle de Nuit, from grasse company Fragonard, to J`Adore. Some reviews from users of Belle de Nuit points to the same direction. Belle de Nuit is elegant and delicious, with a light fruit infused with the overall floral dominant accord. It may be what you`re looking for.

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    Default Re: Something like Dior J'Adore


    Thanks for the recommendation and for introducing me to Fragonard. I think I'm going to get my friend a set of 3 mini bottles. Aside from Belle de Nuit, what are other Fragonard frags you think she might like? I think I remember seeing a Miss Dior Cherie in her bedroom too.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Something like Dior J'Adore

    Serge Lutens Nuit de Cellophane is sometimes compared to J'Adore. I actually put the two side-by-side the other day. NdC has the same radiant "shampoo floral" character but is less smooth than J'Adore, with more emphasis on a leathery osmanthus note (the leather comes out much more as my bottle has aged, unless it's just my perception of the fragrance that's changed).

    You could also look into the new J'Adore l'Or at Nordstrom or the Absolu version that came out a while ago. I haven't tried these yet, but I'm eager to. I think they would be treat for a J'Adore lover, unless you really want something quite different.

    As far as Fragonard, Juste un Baiser is sweet berries, vanilla, and musk, and might be a good choice for a Miss Dior Cherie lover.

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    Default Re: Something like Dior J'Adore

    well actually J Adore have a lot of type such as J Adore Edt, J Adore Edp and J Adore L Absolu. All of them have great smells and very feminine. The Dior J’adore bottle is simply so beautiful. Every woman should buy J’adore and feel glam wearing it all day long.
    I purchased my bottle of Christian Dior’s J’adore about two years ago and I keep going back to the store to fill up more when I’m out. They truly know how to make a woman smell and feel great.

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