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    Quick question. Do any of the various ambrette seed extracts have a cherry like note (similar to the cherry note of heliotropin)?

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    Not that I've noticed.
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    i have received today ambrette seed from Liberty Natural.
    i found some nutty notes in it

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    Nutty, yes. Cherry, no.
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    White Lotus these days can be hit or miss, but they do sometimes have materials that are not available from other sources. I do not recommend their honey absolute, if anyone is considering buying it.

    I have always found them a bit eccentric, but not unpleasant to work with.
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    Honey abs - too many sell Beeswax Abs - stronger, darker, longer lasting - as the Honey abs, a different animal aromatically. Then people buy this and think wow. Then these people buy legit Honey Abs and of course it does not compare - just in appearnce the two are worlds apart. Honestly for years I had this gripe mentioned lots with a company in USA cited as selling the best Honey Abs turned out it was Beeswax Abs with a Honey abs label. WL seem to be in the dog house today on BN but big picture they warrant a lot of respect and are good guys Im certain.

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    I agree that the WL people are good guys, and I buy from them from time to time. Many of their absolutes, like the honey absolute, are diluted with ethanol, making them iffy for me because I like to do my own dilutions. In all fairness, the honey absolute was given to me by a colleague who didn't like it - it did not come straight from WL, so I'm not sure how old it was or what it had gone through. BTW, I was not expecting it to smell like beeswax absolute, which I use routinely.
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    Hello Doctor Elly, I did not know they dilute. Should have looked first. However my point really was just about the confusion some are causing by mis labelling products as people will go onto think something is something that it isnt. I clicked your links, cool blog and a stylish website. Adam

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    Adam, Thanks for checking out my blog and website. I agree that a huge amount of mislabeling goes on among suppliers, so one has to be extremely careful. Unfortunately, the mislabeling often starts with the bulk supplier and gets perpetuated all the way down the chain. The other problem is that there are often different names for the same thing, adding to the confusion. I just had some fun checking out the Hermitage website.You have a lot of interesting things. I must try croton oil! It's too bad that buying from UK and shipping to the US is prohibitively expensive for us.
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