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    there may be other threads like this, but let us rediscover some laugh-out-loud reviews.

    here is one on Preferred Stock:

    "The top notes are listed as Citrus." When I saw this, I knew a funny description was coming up next. Surely enough, it says: "Perhaps these are citrus from some genetic experiment gone horribly wrong (combining lemon with a platypus)."

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    Sunsetspawn's review of Black Aoud:

    "Oh sweet lord, I smell like a robotripping whore covered in band-aids."


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    Purplebird's review of Kouros. She starts off by noting that it smells "like an overpopulated men's restroom". She rattles off its many sins, and then she finishes...

    "I can see the tiles gleaming in the fluorescent light. The bus is coming. Gotta run. Bye."
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    I've always liked this review of MKK by Kevin Guyer:

    "Let's get a sleeper car on the Marrakesh Express - bring along your leather pants, you know the ones you wore all last year without underwear and never cleaned........."

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    "25 years since the wonderful Versace L'Homme and they produce this piece of crap. That's progress for you." Kaern on Versace pour homme. and I like VPH !

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    Just check most of the reviews by Naed Nitram, especially the ones for Blenheim Bouquet, Cuir de Russie and C&S No. 88
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    +1 on Naed Nitram's reviews

    Also stuck in my head was Mario Justiniani's review of Antonio Puig's Quorum: "Crotch in a bottle."
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