Today I drove 30 minutes to go to Saks for the first time. Complete waste of time, the selection is worse than Nordstroms and there are no testers to even try anything. So on my way back I come across this house that had been turned into a perfume shop. Apparently it's been there 25 years but this is the first time I noticed it. The fragrance smell was extremely heavy going in and it took my senses a good 15-20 minutes to settle down.

They have pretty much everything! Too many things to test in one trip, I fried my senses pretty quick. I did pick up a couple things while there:

Serge Lutens - Chergui
L Artisan Parfumeur - Fou d`Absinthe

Got samples of the following:
Serge Lutens - Serge Noire
Serge Lutens - Fille en Aiguilles (wanted to buy this but they were out)
Carthusia - Uomo
Miller Harris - Feuilles de Tabac
Amouage - Reflection Man

I saw Montale's for the first time today, decided to go right to the wrist with one... MISTAKE! It was so strong and mind numbing, if I had a pocket knife with me I probably would have cut my arm off and thrown it out the window on the drive home. I'll definitely be going back next week, family owned business and everyone there is very helpful. They actually know their frags unlike most SA's at department stores.