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    Post What is this whole fragrance thing about?

    This is just me trying to understand why scents are so important and why I feel compelled to collect them. Comments are welcome.

    I've always considered myself a scent aficionado, albeit not an expert. Nor did I want to be. Scents have fascinated me since I was a kid, and I used to like Drakkar Noir, ADG, Nautica growing up. At some point after high school and college, I found Le Male and Burberry Touch and that held me over for years. I then stumbled upon Thierry Mugler Cologne and Angel Men. Well, that was great. Then came Hermes Terre D'Hermes. Wow, what a rush. This opened up the floodgates.

    The rest is a deluge of Gucci II, Cartier Declaration, Hanae Mori, Annicke Goutal, YSL, Prada, Issey Myake, Versace, Hermes Amber Narguille and all the other house ETD's, then finally Aqua Di Parma. Boy, I thought I hit the mother lode, the beginning of all scents everywhere, with this one. Until the salesperson leaned over the counter and gave me a card sprayed with some Bond No 9 for him. Horry SHeet!

    I didn't know any smells like this were possible. Fell in love with Bond No 9 For Him and Coney Island for a few years until I was browsing through Neiman's and asked if they carried Bond. Wow! The rep was offended, needless to say, but then gladly proceeded to introduce me to Creed. Just sublime, I thought.

    So there I was enjoying that awesome collection of above mentioned brands. Or so I thought. Most days, I couldn't just spray something on, I had to choose something. Based on appropriateness for work, gym, leisure, temperature, church, or socializing. This was becoming too much of a fuss. However, what really impressed me about niche fragrances was that I was able to wear them to work (an Emergency Dept), where I couldnt wear any of my previous scents. I found some light balanced scents which smelled like greens/citrus and gave the 'just out of the shower' feel for an entire shift.

    This was awesome, but it was becoming harder and harder to settle on just one or two of these. By this time, I had become an 'aficionado' and would sample everything at the fragrance counter.

    But one day, it dawned on me. They were mostly fresh and unoffensive, almost too polite, too lady like. A friend of mine just serendipitously asked "Dude, why do you always smell like a chick?" I felt like a little kid because I realized all my scents were of the light/citrus moiety. Well this caused me to pick up frag houses like Tom Ford Extreme. Recently, I got Clive Christian 'C' but would hardly ever wear it. Or hardly have occasion to. It's too ostentatious.

    But I still don't particularly 'like' these fragrances, truthfully. Still, I feel I am missing out on something without Azzaro, Aramis, Davidoff Dino, and all the other pungent scents that some reviewers seem to be excited about. The frags I sample, including ones from yesteryear which I thought no one used anymore (Tuscany) and typically conjure bad memories. Particularly associated with a need to cover BO or with extreme age. I vividly remember being a small child sitting next to my parents in a stuffy hot church with no AC, packed like sardines, and being nauseated with the smells of BO, re-ironed suits that havent been dry-cleaned in years, musty upholstery, and of course musky warm men's and women's scents that drove me to the brink of passing out. So NO, I don't like Tom Ford or any of these warmer smells and probably never will.

    But I have them on my shelf. Does that make me a collector now too? Maybe. I would rather just find one perfect one and just be done with it. I guess that's the whole idea of collecting. Searching for the perfect scent, or at least the most fitting.

    Now days I go for what I like, but I also go for what girls like. Happy collecting. Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: What is this whole fragrance thing about?

    There's another thread which explores this idea, "Just what is it that we are addicted to?" and some of us echoed that idea, of trying to find the perfect scent...the eternal search for the best. You may enjoy comparing notes with other posters:

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    Default Re: What is this whole fragrance thing about?

    awesome, will post there.

    sorry for the new thread.

    mods erase please?

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