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    Default Gift idea's - Mambo upgrades??

    So I'm currently dating a gal who has gotten into the habit of wearing Mambo for women. The scent comes across to me as kind of peachy/fruity ( suppose to be mango/mandarine ). She buys the little tiny bottles and runs out pretty frequently and is now just about out again.

    Not the most amazing scent in the world but because I'm crazy about this girl and its all she has been wearing I've become very found of it as I associate it with her.

    So what perfume would be a natural upgrade to this particular scent? Something that has that same peachy, mango, mandarine vibe but does it... well better

    Sadly I can't just simply buy her my current fav scent for women, lolita lempicka. I use to buy this for my X wife and the association is too strong now. Smells great and pisses me off all at once

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    Default Re: Gift idea's - Mambo upgrades??

    Some solutions for you , A:buy Mambo either at a discounter or online.
    B: try one of these Burberry Brit Sheer (fruity/floral)
    Baby Doll /or a flanker(citrusy /rosy)
    Wrapped With Love by Hilary Duff (nice name for a christmas gift too)(very sweet fruity)
    BoraBora or Brazil Dreams
    Guess by Marciano(candy and oranges-very yummy)
    Possibly an Escada or Incanto?
    Circus Fantasy?-I'm assuming she likes very sweet based on my memory of Mambo
    C:try the note search function on BN directory for other ideas.
    D .go shopping together/get samples for her
    Currently wearing: Barbara Bui by Barbara Bui

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