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Thread: Deodorant

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    Default Deodorant

    Which one? Oh Pure Sport is included too!

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    May 2009

    Default Re: Deodorant

    I've never heard of any of these. Only sold in certain markets, I guess?

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    Quote Originally Posted by tott View Post
    I've never heard of any of these. Only sold in certain markets, I guess?
    They're Old Spice variants.

    I use Certain Dri which completely stops my perspiration from even starting, avoiding the need for a deodorant.

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    Er, none of these.

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    None of the above.
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    Default Re: Deodorant

    Matterhorn is the best one

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    Everyone is somebody's weirdo.

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    Right Guard Fresh - has echoes of Hammam Bouquet, which is why I like it.
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    Default Re: Deodorant

    Quote Originally Posted by adonis View Post
    I use Certain Dri which completely stops my perspiration from even starting, avoiding the need for a deodorant.
    This. Apply once a month and you're set. Lately, I haven't even needed that. I think my pits are permanently sealed!

    If I absolutely need something (because sometimes my underarms smell even though they aren't sweating), I use the non-anti-perspirant deodorant with the absolute lightest scent I know of: Speed Stick Ocean Surf.

    Of the Old Spices: Pure Sport. Again, the plain deo, not anti-perspirant.
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    Default Re: Deodorant

    NONE - i go unscented and let my fragrance cover my stank

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    none of these mentioned

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    Knowing nothing about them, but going by name alone, I'd go for Swagger.

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    None mentioned above, not head of any of them either.

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    Those names are hilarious.

    I'm with Renato on this one. Swagger.
    Until they come out with one named something like "Phallus Gigantus"
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    Default Re: Deodorant

    I don't use the deodorants, but I don't mind After Hours body wash...

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    From Old Spice I think I gave them all a try.
    Pure Sport still my favorite, the regular deodorant version. I always go back to that one.

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    For those about to stink, I salute you!

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    Last edited by Descartes; 30th January 2012 at 11:06 AM.

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    None. Ever.

    Using deos (antiperspirants) under armpits makes me sweat even more from the rest of the body (temples in particular). This is so obvious when I work out (dry armpits and my head dripping with sweat at the same time? I don't think so). I guess sweat has to exit somewhere?

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    I used to use the now discontinued "Old Spice Red Zone Glacial Falls" (best smelling one ever!), then I used Swagger. I started to get a rash under my arms. I tried Pure Sport, Aqua Reef etc, but still got a rash. I switched to an unscented & have no problems now. Those Old Spice deodorants do smell pretty good though.

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    matterhorn is a good one ^ ^

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    Mitchum scent free---this glues the sweatglands shut (probably not healthy in the long run) I've never heard of any of these.
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    Default Re: Deodorant

    Of the ones listed Swagger is the best.

    My new favorite is Fiji. I got a gift set with the body wash, spray, deodorant and a shower scrub. At first it smelt like a pina colada but the scent has grown on me. After the intial fruity smell dies down it smells like a creamy amber musk that is just awesome.

    Matterhorn is nice also. I smell lavender and rose in this one.

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    Old Spice does make some good smelling stuff it's to bad they don't make a cologne, or EDT to go with their better scents(I find their body spray to be lower quality than Axe). I chose Swagger because it is nice, and what the other guys said about Matterhorn is true as well. I never actually wear deoderant I always go with anti perspirant. I perfer the Old Spice soft solids which are more like lotion than flakey nasty stuff, I used to use their unscented soft solid, but I can never find it anymore. So when I want to go unscented I have to go with Mitchum's clear nasty grease. Swagger is nice you can't go wrong with it.

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    Default Re: Deodorant

    they do have aftershave and body sprays in some of those scents though! Don't see any EDT.
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    Default Re: Deodorant

    With a buoy-shaped bottle and distinctive scent, Old Spice After Shave is as American as a man on a motorcycle jumping over a baseball stadium while singing the national anthem. And the only thing despots hate more than decentralized government and free speech is the smell of Old Spice After Shave. So punch totalitarianism in the piehole by splashing on some Old Spice After Shave.

    LoL their new commercials are pretty funny.
    “Perfume is like cocktails without the hangover, like chocolate without the calories, like an affair without tears, like a vacation from which you never have to come back.”

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