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    So I'm a fairly new to fragrances, but currently totally addicted to expanding my wardrobe. I can't stop buying. lol. So, I'm 26 and live in Las Vegas, where it's freakin' hot most of the year out here in this desert. I own some nice winter scents, but need to buy mostly for hotter weather. So if anybody could give me a few late spring/summer men's fragrances for hot weather that I should check out, I would really appreciate it. Also give me a few for different occasions. My summer consists of work, pool parties, outdoor activities, dates, and definitely clubbing. So recommendations for those different scenarios would again be appreciated.

    Right now my "summer scents" I own: Chanel Allure Homme Sport, D&G Light Blue pour Homme, Lacoste Essential
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    Joop Nightflight works very good. (thought not for clubbing)
    Dior homme sport : fresh , versatil, elegant and good longevity.
    Cool water is good too for outdoor activities
    for clubbing: you can test LŽeau dŽissey pour homme.

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    Cool Water for Men by Davidoff
    AND Escada pour Homme Light Silver Edition by Escada

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