Hi all, first let me say I wish I was making my first post because of other, nicer circumstances.

Now, I decided to buy Chanle Allure Homme Sport and since, like everything in my country, it's 2 times more expensive I decided to go online. Couldn't find it anywhere except, you guessed it eBay. The price was 67,50$ and since I saw on chanel.com it costs 72$ I figured that's an OK price and not too good to be true. The item was advertised as genuine, brand new with cellophane wrapping, etc. The seller was communicative and I figured it was all OK.

So, after 10 days the item arrived. On the outside looked perfect, wrapped neatly and everything looked fine. Pics:

Inside...the bottle showed some signs of ware. It still seems authentic, even though I never had this perfume so I can't judge. It has some small scratches on it, very minor, and the "O" on sport was a little bit jaded. See pic.

Also, there was some signs of ware on the cap, as well as a noticeable scratch on the bottom of it.

I said OK, so maybe it was opened, tried a little and put back in. I can live with that. However, after using the perfume, I was shocked to see the longevity of the fragrance was really poor and that is my biggest gripe. I put 2 sprays on the neck, three on the chest, one on each wrist and after 2h, I can't smell absolutely nothing. I read everywhere that the longevity of this perfume was anywhere between 6-10h.

I took some pics of the nozzle and bottom of the bottle. I was under the impression there should be a serial number on the bottle but I can't see one.

Can anyone who has this perfume give a verdict, does this look authentic? I'm really pissed because with shipping this cost around 85$.