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    Default Need some direction

    My bottle of Chanel Allure Homme is running out, and it got me to thinking about replacing it with something different . I really like Allure because of its fresh opening and warm/creamy dry-down, not to mention that its easy to wear (versatile).

    Given the vast amount of fragrances out there, I have no idea where to start looking, or what to try out.

    I'm looking for something that would that 'wow' me over buying another bottle of Allure. Which scents, designer or niche, should I try? (Keeping in the fresh/warm smell, ideal for fall/winter, yet versatile. Also, I'm in my mid-20's)

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    Default Re: Need some direction

    I would try Gucci Pour Homme II (light blue bottle)
    also Chanel Egoiste Platinum is great as well

    some others would be

    Loewe Solo (creamy citrus fresh scent)
    Mugler Cologne
    GFT Sandalwood
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    Default Re: Need some direction

    Check out the flankers to Allure. Many like Allure Sport, but I think Edition Blanche is the best of them all.

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    Default Re: Need some direction

    If you like Allure Homme, make sure to try the new Bleu de Chanel. You'll find some of the familiar Allure characteristics, but more freshness, greater longevity, and equal or better versatility. I have both, and vastly prefer Bleu.
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    Default Re: Need some direction

    +1 for Edition Blanche

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    Default Re: Need some direction

    I just sampled the Bleu de Chanel myself today. I'd say that it is a good choice for someone just looking for a signature scent. It starts off with a bright spicy citrus note, but dries down to a nice pleasant spicy woodsiness that is quite versatile. Also, don't overlook Calvin Klein Man.

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    Default Re: Need some direction

    Quote Originally Posted by sickick View Post
    Keeping in the fresh/warm smell, ideal for fall/winter, yet versatile.

    Maybe not "fresh", but Habit Rouge EdC has some warmth to it as it dries down, and I do think it's fairly versatile.

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