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    Default Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    i need a signature scent for a 24 year old guy who sits in library all day, reading,writing, deep thinking, philosophical, political. i need the impression of someone who is smart, brilliant, mysterious, mature yet quite young and probably knows to enjoy himself once a while. im fairly new in frags so far i only have used about 4-5 frags.

    azzaro chrome - smells too generic and predictable. sillage is too powerful, which i dont like. no wonder this one is a "compliment" getter.

    versace pour home - too sleazy and too romantic, smells like car air freshener anyway.

    mugler cologne - i like the idea of clean smell, but this one literally smells like a hair shampoo.

    212 men - okay smell, but too powdery, which i hate being associated with.

    can someone recommend me what else should i try? i live in a hot/humid country where its always 70 - 90 degrees. thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    It would help nail something down if you posted a list of notes that you do like. That way people could steer suggestions towards your preferences better. You mentioned you like the idea of a clean smell, but what else do you like? Citrus, or marine notes, woody notes, etc.
    I don't personally get a "clean smell" image when I think of a deep thinker. Something slightly darker, more ponderous... I wore Comme des Garcons 2Man today, and I get the impression of thought and meditation from it, probably mostly due to the incense. I get kind of an old-lady (church-y?) impression from incense sometimes, but it's well balanced in this frag, and very masculine IMO.
    However, be sure to sample a lot of fragrances before settling on a signature. You want to find something that works well with your skin and has acceptable longevity and the kind of sillage you're looking for. Only you can decide how you want to smell!

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    coolbeans, CB I Hate Perfume has a scent called In The Library. Check this out
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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Guerlain Vetiver

    The exhalations of the earth, the fresh air of early morning, this is the perfume of a country gentleman, where spices mix with tobacco – so many sources of inspiration for the first perfume created by Jean-Paul Guerlain, a scent that evokes the duality of nature: harmony and disorder, freshness and warmth. Citrus woody. Natural, sober, elegant. Spontaneous and spiked with citrus, the energy of vetiver and the intensity of spices make VETIVER a fresh woody aromatic of authentic and natural elegance.

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Amouage Opus III - not only does its actual scent call to mind a library (books, dust, paper, leather bindings, etc), it has so many layers that unfold in the most intricate of ways that it requires careful sniffing and a lot of observation and contemplation to fully understand and enjoy its many charms.
    ***For sale:

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Guerlain Heritage - Deep, woodsy, strong, slightly dark.. It's nice!
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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    When I think of a brilliant, mysterious deep-thinker's fragrance I think of:

    Comme des Garcon 2 man
    Comme des Garcon Avignon
    Amouage Memoir - try the men's first and if you don't like it try the women's; warning though: all Amouages are sillage powerhouses

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Second almost all the suggestions. Especially CDG 2 Man - it's very unique and quite outside of what is regularly perceived as a normal perfume, so that makes for an intellectual type. Timbuktu (l'Artisan Parfumeur) has also an air of mystery.

    However, it will also depend on where you live. Orientals and incense (most of our suggestions) have a sort of mystery air here in the West, but they may be common and regular stuff in a different country.


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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    for many reasons, lalique - encre noire

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Well, I'm that kind of guy, and if you look at my wardrobe, you could see that there's no particular correlation between my tastes and my intellect. Many people I know from grad school are actually pretty trashy despite their brilliance.

    • If he's the insufferable, conceited type who must quote Heidegger Being and Time on a daily basis, then I guess he needs something Victorian like Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet, since for centuries, the only people who had the leisure of using their brains as such were dandies, or nobles independent of fortune. Mouchoir de Monsieur would work too.
    • You could get him Caron's L'Anarchiste or YSL Rive Gauche if he's got the bérêt-and-gitane vibe type of intellectual.
    • If he's the shrivelled, near-autistic mentally hypertrophied type, get him Yatagan. The dryness will remind him of his intellect, and the piquant therein might reawaken his neglected sexuality.
    • If he likes to pore over unwieldy tomes for nuggets of forgotten lore under the flickering light of candles, get him Penhaligon's Endymion, the olfactory equivalent of a late 18th century engraving in the rare books division.

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    I have Penhaligon's Endymion and I associate it with modernity and casual everyday wear rather than the 18th century. The reviews generally say so, too. But it's still worth a try. Unlike most of the recommendations here, Endymion isn't much of an acquired taste.

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Not many designer scents are going to tickle your "deep thinker" fancy. However, there are a few abstract and comforting ones.

    Chanel Egoiste, for example. (NOT Platinum.)

    Lalique Pour Homme Equus (Eau de Parfum, preferably)

    Lalique Encre Noire, as suggested above

    Gucci Pour Homme II - subtle and unique, and very versatile. It can be worn in pretty much all seasons.

    The Third Man by Caron - while this is more fitting for formal occasions, this is a very complex and sensual masculine fragrance that can give off the impression that you are experienced, or open-minded, wise beyond your years.

    Ungaro III - (preferably vintage) only wear this at night. For a dark, complex person.

    Horizon by Guy Laroche - If you like aquatics, look no further. Probably the most interesting and beautiful designer aquatic I've ever smelled.

    Aramis New West (preferably old bottle)
    Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland
    Azzaro Aqua
    Gloria by Cacharel

    PM me if you have bottles that you're willing to sell or trade!

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    A few that I would characterize as such:

    Hermes Terre d'Hermes
    Cacharel Pour L'Homme
    Cartier L'Essence de Déclaration
    Etro Palais Jamais
    Jack Black Signature Black Mark
    Krizia Time
    Trussardi L'Uomo Trussardi

    Satellite Padparadscha
    Andrée Putman Préparation Parfumée
    Eau d'Italie Sienne L'Hiver
    Montale Black Aoud
    Comme des Garcons Artek / Standard
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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    A deep thinker thinks outside the box, so I would recommend Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan, Arabie, Daim Blond and Parfumerie Generale's Aomassai and Traversee du Bosphore. Oh, and also L'Artisan's Timbuktu. All of these are distinctive, sophisticated and a joy to wear. Good luck in your explorations of fragrance.

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Quote Originally Posted by coolbeans View Post
    can someone recommend me what else should i try? i live in a hot/humid country where its always 70 - 90 degrees. thanks in advance.
    A guy who spends all his time in a climate-controlled library or well-ventilated labs probably doesn't need to worry much about how his cologne works in a tropical climate You can still wear just about anything you like, although you may need to use less of the oriental styles featuring amber or vanilla, and the lighter citrus scents might fade faster. Most of the pre-WWII scents I've tried work very well in nearly any weather.

    Yatagan does seem to avoid the things you dislike, and it certainly brings out the poetic spirit in reviewers...

    Domenico Caraceni 1913 is one of the "darker" rose/incense scents that's been well-received, and it's not likely to smell like everyone else around you.

    Or you could go the whole "gender in commercial products is a petit bourgeois concept designed to further move the masses into sensory conformity as an adjunct tactic toward intellectual and emotive conformity" route, and wear Narcisse Noir (a stunningly beautiful floral by Caron that's far removed from anything being seriously recommended)

    As you can easily see, it's hard to make a recommendation based on a brief set of likes/dislikes. If you've never tried a "leather" scent, how would we know if you'd like Dzing! or English Leather. Or maybe you have an unstated love of tuberose that would be better satisfied by Fracas?

    My best recommendation is to read the reviews and sample widely, across styles, ages, and gender. On top of that, the scent of the day posts will show you what people are really wearing.

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    I'm thinking along the lines of a citrus scent, but with a bit of complexity. Maybe try Dolce and
    Gabbana Pour Homme, which has a nice, rich citrus with tobacco notes. Or if you want a nice warm weather vetiver with citrus, you can't go wrong with Tom Ford Grey Vetiver.

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Actually, another vetiver to consider would be Paul Smith Story. I don't like it quite as much as Grey Vetiver, but it is a good bit cheaper and the bottle is actually designed to look like a book.

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sestra View Post
    coolbeans, CB I Hate Perfume has a scent called In The Library. Check this out
    I was just thinking this too. A scent that smells like library books. I have another one of theirs that smells like paper too.

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    something classic smelling with vertiver in it

    encre noire!!

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    What?? A deep thinker who can't think deep enough to figure out what scents he likes?? Get out of here...!
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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    A deep thinker would not care what others thought of his scent.

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Encre Noir

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Good thread

    I would go with :

    Gucci pour Homme
    Santa Maria Novella Opoponax
    Seeking: Bottles/decants : of Pomegranate Noir, Midnight in Paris EDP, Feeling Man, Essence of John Galliano, Azzaro pour Homme (vintage),...etc.

    Seeking decant/sample of PdE Ambre Russe, Jil Sander Feeling Man, Comme des Garcons 2 Man, Giorgio VIP, ....etc. I have samples to swap.

    More HERE
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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    +1 Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme, Encre Noire

    Since you do not mention a price cap, I would like to add Rose 31. Always puts me in a contemplative/reflective mood...

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    i think something leathery or tobacco-ey would be nice.
    but im thinking of being in a library on a cold winter day.

    if its warm then you need something like gucci pour homme II, or versace pour homme, bvlgari pour homme

    since you're kinda new to all this, i would like to see everyone recommend retail store frags so he can go and try them..
    most of these rare hard to find frags he'll blind buy off the internet and might not like them.
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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    cdg zagorsk. its pure anguish and doom

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Homme Sage or Homme de Couer by Divine, or one of the CdeG incense fragrances such as Avignon or Kyoto.
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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Encre Noire and Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver

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    Default Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Dzing! - doesn't remind me of the library but it does remind me of old paper.
    Timbuktu - unusual, mysterious and subtle.
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    Cool Re: Frags For Deep Thinkers ?

    Anything that costs over $100 a bottle. Guaranteed to give deep thoughts such as:

    OK, as a dashing bookworm myself I'll help, but let me confine myself to those fragrances that I know well and which have already been mentioned:

    Chanel Egoiste (not platinum) and Cacharel Pour L'Homme are great. Note, however that they work best in cooler months; also the former's getting hard to find, so hurry.

    I'm also a big fan of Guerlian Vetiver, though I found it to be an acquired taste at first.

    Hope this helps. Check out all reviews.
    And welcome to the madness


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