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    Default My Votivo is TUNNELING!!

    Just got the new holiday Votivo Joie Noel candle. It has been burning for over 2 hours and it's tunneling. I'm really not happy. Anyone else have this problem with Votivo? I expect a $30 candle to burn evenly. Although the fragrance is nice, I feel like I've wasted some money.

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    Default Re: My Votivo is TUNNELING!!

    What a shame! I know that if I don't let a candle burn until the wax is melted nearly to the rim, it will tunnel, but then there are those candles that seem to tunnel for no reason at all. I've never been able to correct it after it starts and no brand seem more susceptible than another as far as I can tell.

    If you have a candle warmer, you could use it to enjoy all the scented wax that remains after the tunnel reaches the bottom.
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    Default Re: My Votivo is TUNNELING!!

    Sorry to hear that! I'll grab a new tester at the store tomorrow and try it. I haven't had that trouble with Votivo. I'll let them know. Hopefully it improves for you.

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