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    Default My name is fumes4ever and I am a recovering scentahoochie!

    I really can't believe how long it's been since I bought a bottle of perfume!

    (applause applause)

    I mean... it was a monkey on my mama! I was spending... oh god 400/mo like nothing (but a lot of it I would move in some way or another, decants or what have you that I once calculated that my 20k collection only really cost me about 3k.

    Buy cheap, sell dear, sell thimbulfulls, buy more. One fine day or month or season Vicious Cycle just has to begin winding down a bit. (Fortunately I'm not on any kind of Guerlain or any any kind of vintage trip at all really,(well a very few I do have that I consider to be special and workable on me) and I also pooh pooh almost all designer rubbishimmo! Yesterday I visited this man who had like 15 bottles in his bathroom - Le Male, Bulgari Blue, Halston Z-14, Obsession (!), I mean I could almost hear the kazoos, slide whistles, laughing trumpets, sour typani notes etc going off at this run of the swill collection of this man who turned out to present himself as a dreadful person all around. And thus I witheld the information that might have served to roll him over in the gutter so as to be facing the stars.The bugger didn't deserve a Serge Lutens. But you do, pets!

    Wasn't there a woman here on the sales threads whose signature was some country western lyric about spending all her money on perfume instead of buying real property? I notice she's not even on the sales thread when the gal was like a regular department store for awhile there, god love her! So you see? Relax, smell the flowers and smell the perfumes and each other and yourselves and don't think you'll end up homeless or something. I didn't!

    Ironically my whole journey took about 8 years and now with the economy as it is, sadly, I can hardly tell the difference in the money I'm saving In more ways than one, our government and two party system stinks to high heaven and low hell!
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