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    Talking Hello everyone - New to the Fragrant Arts ;)

    Hi Basenotes Community,

    I've recently started getting interested in fragrances and the art of selecting the perfect scent. I've found a lot of informative posts and guides here that have already helped me get started, but I thought I'd introduce myself and ask for some personalized advice.

    I've experimented with the following fragrances to get started. I apologize in advance for my basic descriptions but I'm new to the terminology:

    Kenneth Cole Black - I thought the scent was good originally but it doesn't seem to last very long on my skin. I bought it when I was trying to find something for everyday use.

    YSL La Nuit De L'Homme - My current favorite; I really the way it smells after dry down, and it seems to last longer than any other fragrance I've tried without being overpowering.

    Chaps (2007) - Received as a gift. I didn't really enjoy the initial scent of this fragrance, and it seemed to fade quickly.

    The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana - My second favorite scent so far (with limited experience). It seems to last a fairly long time on my skin (6 - 8 hours) but it seems to be a fairly commonly used fragrance in the area.

    I'm trying to branch out and find some less common fragrances to try that are similar to YSL La Nuit De L'Homme, YSL De L'Homme, and The One. I'm trying to find an alternative one for going out and a staple for wearing during the day. I'm not sure if it helps, but I want to find something with decent longevity that would work on my skin type (my skin is on the dry side).

    Thanks everyone!

    - Guugle

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    Default Re: Hello everyone - New to the Fragrant Arts ;)

    Welcome Guugle! First off, you will NEVER find the perfect scent once you get deeper into fragrances lol. I REALLY hope you do but for most of the community, they never find it. Scents tend to get boring and you move on. Im still after the "Holy Grail" =[

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    Default Re: Hello everyone - New to the Fragrant Arts ;)

    Welcome! I won't attempt to recommend men's fragrances to you but just to say this: you may find, as many of us have, that the 'perfect scent' isn't one scent or two, but a wardrobe of scents, that one rotates through, choosing the best one for a particular event or mood. Very much like your clothing wardrobe, in fact.
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    Default Re: Hello everyone - New to the Fragrant Arts ;)

    Its hard to find a perfect scent.
    We still trying to find, and getting wardrobes with 20, 50, 300, 500 frags...

    But some fragrances can be your signatures (even if you had more than one)

    Try this ones:

    Le Male
    1 Million
    Bleu de Chanel

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    Default Re: Hello everyone - New to the Fragrant Arts ;)

    KC Black lasts forever with my skin chemistry. I think you may have NOF ("newbie olfactory fatigue"), and this is just something you have to wait for it to stop, which might take months. However, what you can do now is to try and avoid the top notes as much as possible. I have tried vintage Chaps and it's an old-style, dry, animalic, sandalwood/patchouli oriental. It's not something for young guys, if you go by mainstream standards. I suggest sticking with KC Black for a while. Spray it on a handkerchief and then put that in your shirt pocket if you think your skin is "eating it up" too quickly. If you still think it's disappearing too quickly, you are a victim of NOF.

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    Default Re: Hello everyone - New to the Fragrant Arts ;)

    Thanks, I didn't even think of that. I'll just hope this NOF will cure itself eventually... In the meantime, I'll just use it as an excuse to expand my scent selection

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