My father never struck me as a huge cologne kind of guy. I recall him having his bottle of Tabac on his dresser as I was growing up, and that was it. Visiting him last year, I saw he had a bottle of America, by Perry Ellis, and Dunhill Fresh, by Alfred Dunhill.

To my surprise and delight, he mentioned that a cologne would make for a nice gift when I asked what he wanted. (He said just having me visit was a gift in itself, but I'm sure that mentality will only last for a about two days or so, until I accidentally and eventually blow something up.)

I don't know if he really needs a cologne, or if he said it to appease my unhealthy delight and and passion over all of it, but whatever, it's better than a gift card.

Except… what if it isn't better than a gift card? What if I get him something he won't wear? This is where I come here, looking for some tips or suggestions, in terms of starting points and things I should check out.

So he's now 65 (Weeeeeeeird), has Dunhill Fresh and Perry Ellis America, and chills out on Vancouver Island in Canada. I was intrigued by Chanel Pour Monsieur, but that might be a bit more in the area of what his dad would have used, not him (I've got it on standby for now, though).

Does anyone have some tips or ideas of what I should look in to for what I can only really describe as a "classy, introverted, and bitter" gentleman? I was also considering getting the gift pack that Shopper Drug Mart has, where you get 10 samples, and a voucher for a full sized one after you test them all, so he has some choice and freedom to it, but that locks him in to one of those 10, and also conjures up images of my dad trying Bang, 1 Million, or Ed Hardy. I don't want those images.