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    Default christmas present for a girl

    so ive gone out with this girl a couple of times, we dont know each other very well.
    i was thinking of buying some perfume for her but i have no clue where to start.

    what are some safe options that most people will like?
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    Default Re: christmas present for a girl

    Patricia de Nicolai is a brand that is very good and is relatively inexpensive (and they also sell 1oz bottles), which seems appropriate since you've just started. I believe they have a store in London.

    Perhaps they give samples and gift cards or the like. Otherwise, their Vie de chateau is relatively light, so it shouldn't scare anybody.


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    Default Re: christmas present for a girl

    Choosing a perfume for someone you don't know very well could be a bit tricky, & of course it depends how much you want to spend... How about taking her out on a "sniffing date" to your local perfumery/department store, & see what she likes, & maybe treat her to lunch as well? l'd certainly be very impressed if a guy took time out to do that for me! Good luck, & let us know what gets picked!

    Welcome to basenotes by the way!
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    Default Re: christmas present for a girl

    Miss Dior Cherie by Dior would be nice gift.
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    Default Re: christmas present for a girl

    What about giving her little samples to try out and if she like some of them
    give it as a gift

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    Default Re: christmas present for a girl

    Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf

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    Default Re: christmas present for a girl

    I second the idea of taking her shopping, most girls would LOVE that and feel very spoiled. Helps you get ideas for future perfume gifts also

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    Default Re: christmas present for a girl

    Never buy a scent for someone unless you know they will like it.

    Perfume is so personal, like clothing or jewellery. What one person enjoys, another will abhor.

    It IS a good suggestion is to go shopping with that person.
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