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Thread: masculine Tonka

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    Default masculine Tonka

    I've been wanting a Tonka for a while now. I was absolutely trying to love Tonka Imperialle , and I do, but its totally a feminine smelling fragrance. I have used up about 15ml (free samples - thanks Guerlain SA who has a crush on me or something) of it but in the end, it makes me feel/smell feminine. Im in the "wear what you like" camp, so genders based perfumes are not an issue but Tonka Imperialle is just too feminine for me but it does have the right amount of Tonka in it ( a lot!)

    any suggestions on a predominantly Tonka perfume? I guess the masculine version of Tonka Imperialle. Not something that simply "contains" Tonka.
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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    She gave you 15ml of Tonka Imperiale for free? Now I'm really jealous... :-).

    La Nuit de l'Homme is heavy on Tonka, but quality wise it can't compete with TI at all. I'm looking forward to suggestions, too.

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    hedgehog(nice nick haha!)

    Yah she did but I do buy from her. Just last month I picked up Mayotte from her for my wife and Chamade for my sis...

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    Vetiver Tonka by Hermes

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    Most traditional style fougeres are based on a strong tonka base, if you don't mind lavender on the top. Azzaro, Rive Gauche, etc.

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    thanks guys...

    vetiver and tonka - from my top 5 favorite notes

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    I have a sample of something simply called "Tonka", by Parfums Jean-Pierre Houdry. It's about as pure a tonka note as I've come across.

    It's too bad that I really can't stand tonka (I was glad to work out what this note was, thanks to this sample! It had been bothering me in Jaipur PH for ages.)

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    Guerlain Heritage used to be a tonka beast in its glorious days. I don't know in the current formulation.
    Same for Jicky. I second also Vetiver-tonka from the hermessence.

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    Hm, I have not yet made encounters with TI but the frag i always link to a strong Tonka would be Joop Jump.
    Would love to hear other opinions.
    Smellin good

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    I think i haven`t already crossed with something close to Tonka Imperiale yet, but a scent that has a good tonka-vanilla aroma at the base is the edp version of midnight in paris

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    The only Thing I can think of is Man Pulsion by Geparlys.

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    Odin 01 - Nomad has other notes listed, but on me it's all Tonka, really nice and smooth.

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    Lanvin Arpege ph maybe?

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    Too funny! I saw the title of your thread and rushed to suggest Tonka Imperiale, which along with Guerlain's SDV & Voyou are my favorite fragrances currently. Then I read your qualifying comments.
    Like some other posters, I'm very interested in responses here as well.

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    Can't seem to find hermesence over here..will try the boutique but it wi ll be hard to resist not buying something leather and stitched.
    On a positive note, found Mark Buxton line over here. Will start a thread soon.

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    Last new perfume from Van Cleef & Arpels - Midnight in Paris - it`s for men, and loaded with tonka.

    And something niche but appeared here very seldom: Tonka by Esteban. That`s really good scent, and more masculine than Guerlain`s TI
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    Moon, rickbr also mentioned midnight in paris and i have 15ml ml in samples worth of it but did not detect the tonka note. Shall try again. We don't have Esteban here unfortunately.

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    YSL La Nuit actually not bad if you're looking for tonka.

    Have you tried Gris Clair yet? Once the lavender and that sunbaked rock thing smell fade out a bit, some quite intense dusty tonka aroma will step in to sweeten the scent. You know, the same sort of similar dusty thing from Guerlain.

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    I have smelt Gris Clair. Will have to try it again some time.

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    Default Re: masculine Tonka

    Quote Originally Posted by CX827 View Post
    YSL La Nuit actually not bad if you're looking for tonka....
    Especially the Le Parfum (EDP) version.
    ointments and perfume delight the heart....


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