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    Default what did you wear on Christmas?

    hi all!
    I would love to know what did you wear on Christmas?

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    Default Re: what did you wear on Christmas?

    Hi, PerfumeGoddess.

    Friday 12/24 SotD - Nirmala by Molinard. A recent discovery thanks to a Basenoter who sent it to me. It's almost identical to Angel, but smoother and more wearable for me. Not that I don't love Angel, but I love this better.

    12/24 Christmas Eve SotE - L'Eau Ambrée by Prada. I don't know why, but this scent evokes a sense of the sacred for me. It goes well with church incense and ritual without being trite or obvious. It's modern and pretty, but for me there is something reverent about it.

    Christmas Day, Saturday 12/25 - Lolita Lempicka, from a sample. I think I will finally break down and buy a full bottle of Lolita Lempicka this year. It evokes a sense of fairy tale magic, the Brothers Grimm, gingerbread houses and the sweetness of Christmas treats. It's fun, yet a little dark like the woods. It smells good to me from start to finish.

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    Default Re: what did you wear on Christmas?

    Thanks for starting such a fun and interesting thread, sooo on...

    Christmas Eve 12/24 - it was a rather busy day for me, so I was most of the day in such a rush that I went scentless

    Christmas Day, Saturday 12/25 - incidentally, also my mom's birthday, so we stayed at home and, while no formal party took place, we had some friends and relatives as guests, so we celebrated in a very stylish yet quite informal manner. My SotD was Eau Sauvage by Dior, very discreet, unassuming, balanced yet also elegant and festive enough to live up to the occasion

    Second Christmas Day, Sunday 12/26 - I was finally in the mood for something downright flashy, festive and overtly luxurious, and though I only stayed at home and listened to some music, I finally put on Knize Ten, that unique "sillage monster" of immense formality and courteousness

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    Default Re: what did you wear on Christmas?

    I just realized you meant clothes!(?). Sign of the fragrance-obsessed. Can't think of anything else! Ken_Russell, I see your mind ran in the same direction.

    I wore black velvet jeans, black square'ish toed boots, and a pink tee shirt graduating downward into fushia with a print of a black lace overlay (whatever those printy tees are called), and a vintage 70s clear lucite necklace with sparkly rhinestones that I bought some years ago. That was Christmas Eve. Then I couldn't decide what to wear Christmas Day, so I wore the same thing again! And a straight, black wool winter coat over that with black leather gloves and a red & green crocheted Christmas rose pinned to my lapel. Then I saw a woman in the museum restaurant where we had Christmas lunch wearing the most wonderful necklace of multi colored clear lucite beads - enormous cone shaped ones in bright candy colors. I really loved that and complimented her on it. She said she was a jewelry designer and had made it herself. I guess I'm pretty boring about clothes. But I do love interesting jewelry!

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    Default Re: what did you wear on Christmas?

    Christmas clothing.

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    Default Re: what did you wear on Christmas?

    To return to this question properly , I have worn mostly very usual and casual clothing, since I hardly went out or left my home for Christmas, so it was mainly my regular home attire, comfy, functional and informal

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    Default Re: what did you wear on Christmas?

    Well, other than going out a little, I stayed home in "comfy" clothes too (pajamas)!

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    Default Re: what did you wear on Christmas?

    LOL @ all perfume obssessed

    well thanks for sharing your beautiful dresses i AM Impressed

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    I wore a simple shift dress in basically orange . It was festive , bright but hopefully elegant. After my BIG lunch .....ahem......I resorted to my shorts with an elasticated waist!
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    Default Re: what did you wear on Christmas?

    Shirt and Jeans , elegant but casual , the time of suit has passed.
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    Default Re: what did you wear on Christmas?

    Wore my Harris Tweed sport coat....looked handsome if I do say so.

    - Happy New Year to all !
    FOR SALE CHEAP !!.....two blind buys that didn't work for me : 4.2oz CORDUROY by Zirh EDT and 3.4 oz CADILLAC EDT; both like new !

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    Default Re: what did you wear on Christmas?

    I wore a 50's red wool jersey dress, long-sleeved v-neck, buttoned front and a full, calf-length skirt, with vintage Youth Dew parfum, both comfortable and comforting, but festive.

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