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Thread: Dynamite Dennis

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    Default Dynamite Dennis

    Anyone know what happened to his youtube reviews?

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    I've not seen any offerings lately, but the guy cracks me up.

    Aussies don't do pretentiousness, which is why I like 'em.

    (Never mind about the cricket, guys!)
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    I liked this old stud's reviews. Cheers Dennis!
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    He works at Revolver Nightclub in "Mail-Boon". Perhaps a generous Melbournian BNer might give him some samples for some more reviews? Betcha he'd let you jump the queue in return. The guy is a legendary reviewer and always mentions this site.
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    I like the reviews too but I wonder if the guy behind the camera is the one who planned most of them and initially used Dennis to come up with this kind of novelty stuff. Seems like Dennis is actually enjoying the reviewing though so it may have developed a life of its own. And died.
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