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    Default Question on vintage Amouage Gold

    As I was visiting one of our local perfume dealers earlier today with my wife, I spotted a nondescript perfume tester on the shelf somewhat hidden on the backshelf that had "Amouage" written on it. It went with two heavy green cardboardboxes that held heavy leadcristal bottles like this (see attachement). It was not Silver as on the picture however. The box just said "Amouage, the most valuable perfume in the world" without telling which one. And it was a male perfume. So I tested it. I am not really familiar with Gold. I had sampled the current version only once but this was how I remember it. A heavy floral with a huge amount of civet and some incense lurking in the background. Perhaps a little less powdery and more floral thant the actual version and unbelievable potent. But the most pleasant surprise was the prize which was less than half of what they charge at the other perfume shop just across the street who sells the actual line. 125 swissfranks for 50ml instead of 350 franks. I was asking the owner about it and he told me, that he had these bottles for a long time. Can it really be, that I accidently stumbled on two vintage Gold flacons for a unbeatable prize? This is a regular licenced perfume shop. Fake is out of the question I think. I didn't buy it since I could never wear Gold but for the prize I am challenged to go back and buy them. Do you know that bottle style? Do you think it's genuine? What should I do? Go and buy it even if I will never wear it?
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    I think it's Gold Cologne and not vintage Gold, vintage Gold came in the dagger shaped bottle. Gold Cologne is fantastic, and I'd highly highly recommend it, the older Amouage perfumes were much better. But then again I can not guarantee it's Gold Cologne, if it's plain Vintage Gold, then it's just a dirtier stronger version of the current Gold as far as I know. It's most likely Gold Cologne though...

    If you're not going to buy it you could always sell it, but don't buy it on the basis you want to sell it if you have no experience with selling. How much is 125 franks in US/Euro?

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    I think you may be right. It said something like gentlemans cologne on the tester. But this was so potent. More potent than the actual EDP formulation. Too potent for a cologne version. But I cannot be sure since I never sampled Gold Cologne.

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    Default Re: Question on vintage Amouage Gold

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    Default Re: Question on vintage Amouage Gold

    it is gold cologne defiantly .... i had that one!!!

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    Yes it's just called Cologne, but it's not really an EdC It's pretty good personally I love it.

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    Default Re: Question on vintage Amouage Gold

    Thanks. BTW: 125 Swissfranks are 100 Euro.

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    That's a reasonable price. Not much cheaper than what it retailed for, but considering it's discontinued and now only sold in the boutique, it's a great deal if you enjoy it.

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    Default Re: Question on vintage Amouage Gold

    I have't tried this specific bottle in a long time, but do remember it to be the same scent as the regular Gold. As far as I know, the same scent was named Gold Cologne when they introduced Silver Cologne. It just used to go by Gentleman's Cologne before. Both these were predecessors of the gold dagger bottle Gold EDT.
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    Default Re: Question on vintage Amouage Gold

    I used to have the cologne bottle of the Silver. Now I have the EDP and I miss the cologne collections.
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