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    Default In love with Ubar!!

    I don't know what happened. When i first sniffed this a month ago, all I got was lemon floor wax...the entire way through. So I shrugged it off. But after reading some reviews I was determined to at least "get it" even if I wasn't going to love it. And after wearing Ubar for the last 3 days (from a sample) I can honestly say this fragrance transports me quite near to Nirvana.

    But I just splurged on Homage, so this one will have to wait.

    Anyone else have similar experiences with other fragrances...where you went from "meh" to "i gotta have it!" ?

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    Default Re: In love with Ubar!!

    Isn't Ubar just wonderful ???? Good on you !

    Some fragrances need more time to grow on you ,I guess - like an acquired taste. Carnal Flower was like that for me.
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    Default Re: In love with Ubar!!

    I bought the original Ubar after receiving a sample from Les Senteurs long ago. For some reason it reminded me of the inside of my mother's handbag!!!

    Daim Blond, I tried on its release and got apricot jam, a tiny hint of suede and raspberry in the opening but mainly apricot jam. Earlier this year I was given a sample and tried it again. Fell madly in love and had to buy a bottle ASAP

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    Default Re: In love with Ubar!!

    Shalimar took me three wearings and have been under her spell ever since. The remainders of the vintage extrait on fabric after 1-2 days smell absolutely divine. That even tops the pleasure of wearing it in its drydown for me.
    Tabac Blond took me a much longer time and period of not touching it in between. I think "we" have quite a "passionate tango-like romance"
    Ubar is beautiful, but I've never felt comfortable enough wearing it. It simply never "clicked" for me.

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    Default Re: In love with Ubar!!

    Donna(or anyone else) the orginal Ubar different from the re-release? I saw an orginal bottle on ebay not long ago and wondered...

    This whole experience has made me re-think getting rid of some of my samples. It is good to revisit them after a while. You never know if you've got a HG sitting in your closet ready to be rediscovered!

    I still don't like Shalimar, but will keep on trying. Maybe I just need to go hardcore with that one and try the extrait? Honestly, I still need to really explore Guerlain. It just feels so daunting to me. There is such history there. Vintage vs, current formulations. Extrait vs. eau de parfum. I don't know where to start. All I know for sure is that I like Jicky, in it's current formulation.

    My concern, sometimes, when finally falling in love with a fragrance is that everyone else around me will react the way I did at first and find the scent difficult to handle/unpleasant. Most of the fragrances I currently adore, I never would have touched 5 years ago. But I think I will be saving for a bottle of Ubar anyway!

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    Default Re: In love with Ubar!!

    No idea, as I have never tried the re released Ubar. But reading reviews there is a difference in the original and the new one.

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