1) Gaultier^2 I'd heard about this unisex fragrance awhile back and thought nothing of it. In my never ending search for the perfect vanilla, I decided to buy it totally blind for $20. I read lots of reviews and tried to get a feel for the notes...and upon first smelling it. HAH! What is this stuff? Smells like a grandmother with bad breath. I left it to die in the back of my "juice box". Here I am a month or so later smelling it and I have to say I'm enjoying it! The opening is still just a giant "who thought of this?!" but after only a minute it sweetens up, the vanilla kicks out whatever that god awful smell is and I enjoy it. I recall reading someone saying it has a buttercream feel to it, and it really does. I'm glad I smelled this again, I might actually start to wear it.

2) What's a fragrance you've changed your mind on for better or worse? I know we all have, but what stands out the most?