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    Lightbulb Y'know, I'm starting to like it!

    1) Gaultier^2 I'd heard about this unisex fragrance awhile back and thought nothing of it. In my never ending search for the perfect vanilla, I decided to buy it totally blind for $20. I read lots of reviews and tried to get a feel for the notes...and upon first smelling it. HAH! What is this stuff? Smells like a grandmother with bad breath. I left it to die in the back of my "juice box". Here I am a month or so later smelling it and I have to say I'm enjoying it! The opening is still just a giant "who thought of this?!" but after only a minute it sweetens up, the vanilla kicks out whatever that god awful smell is and I enjoy it. I recall reading someone saying it has a buttercream feel to it, and it really does. I'm glad I smelled this again, I might actually start to wear it.

    2) What's a fragrance you've changed your mind on for better or worse? I know we all have, but what stands out the most?

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    Default Re: Y'know, I'm starting to like it!

    Same fragrance, reverse experience! I received Gaultier2 as a gift. I liked it at first and wore it for a few months. Over-applied it one evening and caused a small scene in a cinema. While I love vanilla, this one became too sweet and cloying for me. My girlfriend wears it a tiny dab at a time, which is OK...
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    Default Re: Y'know, I'm starting to like it!

    I kind of like it.... but it doesn't really inspire me to wear it. Too many other things in my wardrobe that I prefer to wear so I didn't but it.
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    Default Re: Y'know, I'm starting to like it!

    Gaultier is one particular fragrance that I personally found too sweet. But that's just me.

    For me a fragrance situation like this would probably be Guerlain Vetiver, which used to be headache inducing for me, (even though I'm a vetiver fanatic!), but now I've changed my mind and I'm a bit easier on it. I'd like to try the vintage.

    Aveda Men Pure-Formance Aroma Spray is a fragrance I HATED at first, but I came to like it for its unique scent, a large part of that probably owing to me using the Aveda Men hair products that have the same scent. It is now one of my go-to fragrances.

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    Default Re: Y'know, I'm starting to like it!

    Sampled it and it was just awful!!! I like sweet scents but this is a bad kind of sweet. One of the worst frags i sampled.

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    Default Re: Y'know, I'm starting to like it!

    The first time i tested it, i didn't like Gaultier 2, but then i ended getting a sample of it at a sample swap with a friend. It seemed a sweet good amber fragrance on me, with something nutty maybe. This was the first fragrance i bought when i started to my first internship. While i had good experiences with it, ended being a fragrance that i don't wear, and i thought that my mom would like it, so i gave to her my bottle.

    I had the opposite reaction with Kilian Back to Black. The first time i wore it, i loved it, found it a more tobacco cousin of ambre narguile. But wearing it more times i found an annoying smoked flower aroma on me, which i hated and seemed to last forever on me. So i started to hate it and had to sell my bottle.

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    Default Re: Y'know, I'm starting to like it!

    Epic Man. I hated it because all I could smell was a pencil sharpener and spending $300 for that was flat out dumb in my mind. But, a second sample arrived in a different order and, quite frankly, it has well won me over enough that a 100ml bottle happily lives in our home.

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    Default Re: Y'know, I'm starting to like it!

    I actually like Gaultier 2 a lot but haven't revisited it in quite a while.

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    Default Re: Y'know, I'm starting to like it!

    I think the most important (to me) turnaround has been Dior Homme. I'm still not a huge fan of the first couple of hours, but I think the drydown is excellent. It didn't work for me until I was able to appreciate leather notes, and then it all came together.

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    Default Re: Y'know, I'm starting to like it!

    I also like Gaultier 2 more and more. I wasnt impressed much at first and thought its very feminine but it has some sexiness to it and when I put it on and look into mirror I feel like its perfect match lol.. Doesnt happen with many fragrances to me.

    Biggest turnaround was probably Joop Nightflight. At first, I was really disappointed and it smelled too "retro" to me. Now I find it perfectly masculine and for some reason women likes it too.

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    Default Re: Y'know, I'm starting to like it!

    I wore Gaultier 2 briefly when I was in Italy on vacation and came across a cheap big bottle of it.
    While I still think it's great, I can't wear it now, as my wife often wears it.

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    Default Re: Y'know, I'm starting to like it!

    A*men. I must have sampled it atleast 6 times but I never liked it. The other week I gave it another try and this time I liked it.
    I bought a litte bottle and I got to say that I enjoy wearing it.

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    Default Re: Y'know, I'm starting to like it!

    The first time I sampled Burberry Brit I thought it was horrible. Weeks later, something told me to sample it again. It started growing on me, & about a month later I sprung for a 100ml bottle of it. It's been a staple in my wardrobe for about 5 years.
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