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    Default What can you tell me about fragonard Fleur de Vanille?

    I don't find this fragrance in the directory, nor did I find much info in the forum search. So what do you think about this one, and about Fragonard in general? Would you recommend this house, and why? Or not? What's your favorite of the line, if you have one?

    Thanks, ya'll!

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    Default Re: What can you tell me about fragonard Fleur de Vanille?

    Hey coopmom - I haven't sniffed it so can't tell you anything about Fleur de Vanille, but I adore Fragonard and several of their scents are among my favorites; Belle de Soleil, Capucine, Belle de Nuit, Soleil, Miranda, Cette nuit là, Eclat, Fragonard, Eau Fantasque, Cerisier en Fleurs, Fleur d'Oranger, etc., (...and I could go on, lol!) Even if one of their fragrances doesn't really suit me, I generally find myself rating it at least 3 stars for overall beauty, high quality, surprisingly good longevity and excellent affordability. I also respond well to any line that offers most of their fragrances in bath products as well as edt, edp and/or parfum, as they do. Plus, I love their website. And their packaging.

    They have a new range out that I'm anxious to try - Cèdre, Vétiver, Patchouli and Santal. They do a very nice job with solifores, so I'd imagine these would be quite good, as would the Fleur de Vanille, which is another one I've been eager to try. I sometimes use the body lotion or shower gels to get a good idea of the fragrance before I buy it, but their edts are so affordable I don't mind saying I've bought several of them almost blind (after only rubbing a moistened sample sachet on my wrist - just enough for almost a full wearing.) But I just don't think you can go wrong with Fragonard so the risk is pretty low if you decide to try it out. (They have several little boxed sets of minis with some of their classic perfumes and natural eaux - great bargains and plenty enough to get a good idea of whether or not you need a full bottle. Unfortunately, not all of their scents are offered in these minis, hence the almost blind-buying.)

    Btw, according to Fragonard, Fleur de Vanille is comprised of notes of "sensuous vanilla flowered with ylang, heliotrope and rose on a sweet harmony of chocolate, cocoa and musk." Chocolate and cocoa, huh? Whatevs - sounds yummy.
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    Default Re: What can you tell me about fragonard Fleur de Vanille?

    I tested this today, as part of a set of samples of the "Eaux de Toilette Naturelles" sent to me by Fragonard on my request. This set had ten 2ml samples, and I have reviewed them on the "Today I sniffed" thread on the ladies fragrance board yesterday and today.

    I think anyone who really likes to wear sweet vanillas ought to try Fleur du Vanille. As I posted on the other thread, I feel as though I've been baking cakes and cookies all day-- it is that "foody". You will primarily smell vanilla and heliotrope, with a bit of ylang-ylang at the start and a bit of cocoa and musk later on.

    It did not cloy or make me feel queasy as most vanillas do, but is still too sweet for me to want to wear. I happened to test it side by side with a sample of Creed Sublime Vanille, and although I much prefer the Creed, I have to admit it lasted less than half as long as the Fragonard-- which I can still smell on my arm, 12 hours later.

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    Default Re: What can you tell me about fragonard Fleur de Vanille?

    Fragonard are a very old and well-established French perfumers. They have lovely
    outlets in the South of France where you can get a feel for their scents and packaging
    etc.(wonderful staff too!) The line is not expensive to order online and they usually put
    little extra samples/gifts in to make the package that bit more special.

    Personally I am a huge fan of Fleur d'Oranger (my "go to" summer scent) and Miranda for that
    holiday/beachy vibe.
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    Default Re: What can you tell me about fragonard Fleur de Vanille?

    Fleur de Vanille is the only Fragonard that I've tried & I adore it. The vanilla is so rich, it has a perfect hint of florals (rose, heliotrope & ylang ylang) & musk that are noticeable yet don't overpower or ruin the vanilla. The best thing for me is the way the cocoa brings everything together.

    This perfume is very very sweet so you'll have to be a gourmand lover. One of the best vanilla's I've smelt in a long time.

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    PS: I submitted Fleur de Vanille to Basenotes a few days ago & hope its added as it seems that people are mixing it up with Fragonard's previous Vanille fragrance which actually is in the Basenotes database. There are some very confusing reviews due to this.
    I ♥ vanille

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