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    Default Hong Kong - Perfume News 2011

    Czech & Speake will be carrying their full range of fragrances from mid January at Shop 104, Ruttonjee Centre, 11 Duddell Street in Central.

    I finally got to try Cuba (dead ringer for an unlit Havanna) and the very elegant Oxford & Cambridge.

    The showroom is open Mon - Sat. (852) 2524 6298

    * * * * *

    Amouage News:

    Lane Crawfordwill order Homage & Tribute if you want them - speak to Angel at PP

    * * * * *


    Kapok now have Acqua di Parma and a few L'Artisan. Not sure how that happened?

    * * * * *


    Joyce Yun Ping Rd. Store (near Lee Garden) has closed.

    I.T 3 storey flagship on Leighton Rd. opened carrying some CdG (not a lot). Icehouse St. CdG has full line.

    Cartier Boutique at 1881 on Canton Rd. & also Princes Bldg. in Central are now carrying Les Heures. Go prepared - the SAs only have basic knowledge of the line.

    Tom Ford now has a boutique on the G/F of Gateway TST (a few shops along from Joyce) with the fragrance line. I wish I could get excited about his stuff . . .

    * * * * *


    Amouage Honour Man & Woman, Opus IV & Opus V are now at Lane Crawford.

    Harvey Nichols now have a floor in THE ONE, the new mega-hip retail and restaurant space on Nathan Road, TST. Of particular ineterest is the Guerlain corner, which is now the only place in HK carrying Les Parisiennes (along with Harvey Nicks in Central). There is also a 'scent profiling' consultation available - the shelf lined end to end with every Guerlain scent you can imagine in cool little cube sampler bottles is a sight to behold.

    * * * * *


    Coconut shot me a photo from IFC - Santa Maria Novella is opening a standalone store this month! Really looking forward to this - it's impossible to get hold of SMN products online.

    The mezzanine perfume floor at Harvey Nicks Central now carries the Escentric Molecule line (Iso E Super etc. etc.). Walk, don't run. Or, alternately, just stand still and stifle a yawn

    * * * * *


    Santa Maria Novella
    has opened a stand-alone boutique on 3rd. Floor of IFC Mall, Central.

    Everything is there from the SMN line ranging from Perfumes to Pot-Pourri, Shaving & Hair Care to Tooth Paste & Liqueurs. The works (pix below)

    Pacific Place - Seibu has gone, Harvey Nichols has taken the space.

    Kilian has a stand in Harvey Nichols G/F. Pacific Place (pix below)

    Dior Privée Collection at Dior 1/Fl. Elements (pix below)

    * * * * *


    Jo Malone new standalone store beside Crabtree & Evelyn G/Fl. Pacific Place.

    Diptyque first standalone store G/Fl. IFC Mall, Central. (Lane Crawford Card discount applies).

    JOYCE Grooming has opened in Basement, Landmark, Central (pix below)
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    Default Re: HK News 2011

    I'll be in HK in August (haha still so far off!). Hoping to do a bit of lurking at frag stores while I'm there (not sure how much time I can devote though as it's a family vacation with lots of first timers that i might have to take around)

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    Default Re: HK News 2011


    Earlier this month Guerlain held an event in collaboration with Fendi and a local interior design company.

    There was a presentation from Guerlain's Head of Fragrance on L'Art de Matiere series, complete with video presentation and samples of benzoin, orris, oakmoss and other raw materials passed around.

    It was very informal and fun to see people working their way through the perfumes and immersing themselves in the sensuality of it all. No pretence, no posing, sort of a pyjama party atmosphere. Everyone walked out with cool little black fans impregnated with Bois d'Armenie, Rose Barbare, Tonka Imperiale or whatever took their fancy.

    Guests also received a lovely goodie bag that included a bottle of Idylle Duet.

    Duet strikes me as an 'effortless' rose and patchouli. It is clearly Idylle, but dressed for cooler weather. When Idylle was launched here the boutiques all had five paper lined wine-glasses set out on the counter so you could smell the individual notes in the composition. Not a big thing, but when you consider the usual way of hitting people with a spritz in the mall, this more 'educational' approach, coupled now with the small story on the box of Duet about how these two notes have been 'brought forward' from within the original Idylle, appeals to me. It's marketing, sure, but it also gives the customer the beginnings of some insight into what the thing is made of.

    Something about it made me think of Malle's 'Une Rose' - not as robust, but it has the same dark shade to me, at least initially. The patchouli is incredibly well handled. It's always a balancing act this combo and particularly with a composition that is clearly aimed at bringing a new Guerlain customer into the fold I would imagine getting it right is a real feat of calibrating the patch with everything else. It seems to evolve nicely, and from what I can see it handles itself well in terms of projection - it's there, but not in your face as can happen so often when patchouli is involved.

    I have no idea of how this has been doing in the marketplace or what the ladies of basenotes think of it but as a guy sitting on the sidelines I can say I like it - I think it has a certain sophistication about it that bodes well for the future . . . I imagine it will do well over here.
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    Default Re: Hong Kong - Perfume News 2011

    Santa Maria Novella

    A few shots of the newly opened store at IFC.

    I paid a visit with Coconut on the weekend and we sampled a few. I bought Pot-Pourri & Fienno (Hay) and Coconut picked up the Jasmine (see below) , which she highly recommends to Jasmine lovers - it's a big warm scent with a good 4 hours (excellent for EDC).

    I really like the wardrobe / drawer scented pieces - they look and smell good enough to eat.

    Liqueurs if you fancy a tipple, and a great candle selection:

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    Default Re: Hong Kong - Perfume News 2011

    By Kilian is now open with the full line in the new Harvey Nichols G / Fl. Pacific Place.

    Thanks Coconut for the heads up

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    Default Re: Hong Kong - Perfume News 2011

    Dior La Collection Privée

    Coconut very kindly directed me to the Dior store at Elements on the weekend. Oddly enough, it's the only Dior counter in HK carrying this selection. I thought Landmark Dior would pick them up - maybe later . . .

    I was finally able to buy Granville, a great citrus + thyme 'Garrigue' style scent in the older style (oak-moss listed) but with a modern twist (a dash of pepper underneath to lift the proceedings).

    I also noticed they have a cool mini-organ type of affair with all the Dior scents. Every home should have one - le Grand Duc definitely needs one of these

    Finally, a chance to sniff some of what goes into the line. The SA was able to discuss what went into what - the lavender (used in Eau Noire) is superb, and the Ambre Gris (Ambre Nuit) really nice. (Photoshopped like crazy so you can read the labels)

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    Default Re: Hong Kong - Perfume News 2011

    Does anyone know any of this niche house boutiques that ships internationally to Australia. WIll really appreciate the tips. Cheers

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    Default Re: Hong Kong - Perfume News 2011

    I don't know for sure but you could try calling Lane Crawford Pacific Place - get to the Fragrance Counter direct or maybe there's info in their main website. They carry several lines, notably Amouage, Creed, L'Artisan, Penhaligons amongst others, and there is a Joyce counter there with Goutal & Diptyque, so that's not a bad start. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Hong Kong - Perfume News 2011

    JOYCE GROOMING opened this week - a new concept store dedicated solely to mens's shaving and grooming needs

    It seems to be part of a bigger initiative in the Basement of The Landmark in Central, where a number of stores aimed solely at the male side of the market have opened recently.

    There are some nice Czech & Speake Shaving sets, soaps etc. and facial and body care stuff from Perricone, Aesop and other brands. The grooming accessories look to be pro quality . . . will report back with brands on those.

    Fragrance lines include Creed, Frederic Malle, Annick Goutal (only the square bottles , of course), C&S and the Maison Kurkdjian line.

    I'm sure this will represent a really positive bump in terms of shifting 'unisex' fragrance products for Joyce. There were a couple of guys looking in this morning who you just would not see in the main Joyce Boutiques, and one lady happily stocking up on Christmas stuff for her husband. It's a terrific location, plenty of walk-in traffic - a very welcome addition to the Central landscape.
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    Default Re: Hong Kong - Perfume News 2011

    Thank you for sharing this Mr. R!!!! I definitely need to plan to go to Hong Kong sooN!!!!

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    Default Re: Hong Kong - Perfume News 2011

    How much do the Killian's and Amouage's go for in hong Kong? Will be there in 2 weeks time so would be nice in advance how much cash to bring.

    Also anywhere in Hong Kong stock Parfumerie Generale? Here's hoping there is!

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