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Thread: Azure lime

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    Default Azure lime

    Is it true that it is one of the best lime flavors out there?

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    is that you jonny?

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    it smells really nice at the opening but the drydown is less than to be desired , i say virgin island water has better staying power on me personally.

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    I would say no as well.
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    No. Its a scrubber. Just terrible
    I saw that!!


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    I tried it yesterday and wasn't really a fan.

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    Default Re: Azure lime

    Its nice, love the opening. It leaves me wanting more. I probably apply 2x the amount as I would of my other frags to get the full appreciation of the fragrance. My wife likes it on me so that is a bonus.
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    Not at all.
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    I love it. It is one of those scents that you smell and it makes you refreshed.

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    Just a basic zesty lime, with a slightly leather dry down. Has good lasting power for a lime based frag - 6 hours.

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    I think Azure Lime is a great lime fragrance, it just costs too much money.

    Try West Indian Limes by Crabtree & Evelyn. Also try Royall Lyme.

    Virgin Island Water by Creed is nice, but I get more coconut than I do lime out of that fragrance.

    Aramis New West (preferably old bottle)
    Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland
    Azzaro Aqua
    Gloria by Cacharel

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    Azure Lime is absolutely gorgeous, but I just find it to be a bit short-lived and subtle for the price.

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    um... i was most unimpressed, which is to say i actually thought it was not only bad, but unexpectedly bad for Ford's lineup to boot. Almost no longevity and very little silliage. I've been thinking about lime though and besides the West Indies, or Royal, the best two I've found instead are Malone's Sweet Lime and Cedar or Bond #9's Central Park. I'm deciding between those two latter ones for now.
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    It's on my Tom Ford list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by petruccijc View Post
    This. Azure Lime isn't really Lime at all, it's something else much dimmer and stranger, alot like the Montale Limes.

    And it's not even close.
    The best Limes IMO are:

    Truefitt & Hill West Indian Limes
    Creed Virgin Island Water
    Penhaligon's Extract of Limes
    Trumper West Indian Limes
    Guerlain Imperiale

    Even Royall Lyme and the Jo Malones are much better

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    Can anyone recommend an "azure lime" type scent without the "dirty" lime top that has better longevity and projection?

    I love azure lime but there's a few probs with it, the biggest one being that you have to use like 3x as much as any other normal tom ford private blend scent to get the same projection and longevity is basically 3-4 hours on a hot day.

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