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    Question Tabac Original

    Last time I tried Tabac Original it was at a Perfumania store, and the woman applied the sample from a giant glass splash-on bottle, the same image that Basenotes has.

    I'm not sure whether it was EDC or EDT, but on the card it was very floral, and I'm generally not a fan of florals and I found it off-putting at the time. However, I'd like to try this fragrance again - therefore, my question is, if I go back and give this another try, which concentration would I like more? If they're both quite floral and one is worth the wait for the drydown, please let me know.

    Aramis New West (preferably old bottle)
    Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland
    Azzaro Aqua
    Gloria by Cacharel

    PM me if you have bottles that you're willing to sell or trade!

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    I don't know the EdT, but the EdC lasts all day, and it's only $20 or so for a 10 oz. splash bottle. A very strong and safe investment. Yes, there are floral notes, but it's suprisingly rich and complex. Goes through many stages over the course of a day.

    I am very pleased with my blind buy of it. Best fragrance value I've found in a long time. Recommendation: buy now.

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    The EDC is the original version. Mainly aldehydes, lavender, carnation and cloves. The EDT was issued much later and, unlike the EDC, has substantial vetiver in the base.
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    Which is better between the EDT and EDC? I have the EDT and like it very much. Haven't tried the EDC but am considering a blind buy.

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    I prefer the original EDC splash!

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    Tabac Extreme is my favourite. Itīs in a class all of itīs own. A beautiful rich fragrance, but it also contains complex floral notes.
    It is hard to find and has been discontinued, but itīs worth the effort of searching out. A very classy fragrance.
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    I recommend the edc.

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    The EDT has by far the best longevity, but even so as a very subtle skin scent

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    A few weeks back, I made the decision you're contemplating and went with the biggie 10oz EDC.

    Some time ago I'd ebay scored a 1/2 dozen or so assorted Tabac minis, 4-15ml, some white, some brown, some edc, some a/s, some edt, and some edt extreme. Kind of confusing actually. Sold as vintage, so age/turn may have influenced my observations. The white bottle presentation (in mini form at least) included the A/S, EDC, and EDT. The brown: just the EDT Extreme. Anyway, I echo the point and believe the A/S and EDC are a different fragrance from the EDT Extreme. I see light floral in the forefront of the EDC, in the same vein as Dunhill 1934, and a fresh green maybe herbal quality depicting the EDT Extreme. Now, to me the EDT is somewhere in between but closer to the lite green of EDT Extreme than the lite floral of the EDC. Odd, as this seems counter-inuitive given the bottle presentations. Any old-timers care to share light on this?

    In any event, the EDC is so economical, it's safe, unobtrusive, and used by me in the same manner as old spice, 4711, bayrhum, etc. Splash & Run.

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