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    My wife bought a fragrance from l'Occitane that has glitter or something in it, and the first application clogged the sprayer. Anyone know where I can find a sprayer that's hefty enough to not clog? She loves the fragrance, it's just a pain to use.

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    There might be a pattern with L'Occitane bottles... exactly the same happened to me. Small crystals in the juice (L'Eau des 4 Voleurs) clogged the sprayer. I ended up decanting the fragrance into another sprayer (the nozzle's base is hard to unscrew but it can be done), carefully avoiding to transfer crystals.

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    Thanks, Reminiscent. We were thinking about doing something similar. Would a coffee filter work to keep the crystals out?

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    I guess it would work, yes, although I didn't use one. I did not completely decant my l'Occitane bottle into the new one. So the crystals are still trapped in 2 or 3 ml of fragrance in the original bottle.

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