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    Default Un Gardenia La Nuit for Fleur Mecanique

    I'm a devotee of Frederic Malle for life, Fleur Mecanique has become a life enhancing tool which I cant live without, it is flawless in design, function, and simplicity, the floral portraits are Hyper real , just as he claims, a half bottle of Jurassic Flower has gotten me through a messy, and dreary winter in New York, and more to come.
    My machine also came with a bottle of Un Gardenia La Nuit, it is pure, fresh, living gardenia, growing up in Miami , it's a smell that I'm very familiar with, late summer. While the world seems to be going through growing pains, its nice to turn a red cube on, and be transported to the simplicity of childhood, not a worry in the world. Has anyone tried the other scents?

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    Default Re: Un Gardenia La Nuit for Fleur Mecanique

    I purchased the Fleur Mechanique when it was first launched in London and I quickly went through Un Gardenia La Nuit in a month or so. I loved it so much! As you said, the floral portraits are very realistic and induce calmness and tranquility. The throw of Un Gardenia La Nuit was a bit poor, but now Malle has just released an intense concentrated versions of most of the line, so I am planning on purchasing it soon. I also purchased Rubrim Lily and I think I love that even more. To me, it isn't really a lily but more of carnations; hot spicy, clove-laden yet fresh carnations. It's similar to JAR's Golconda and CDG Carnation. It's very powerful and has excellent throw. I did go through the entire bottle though. I'm really keen on trying the new Russian Nights (I think that's the name) and the new Coffee Society. I remember the rose being very pastel-like and childlike, the lily of the valley very true to the flower and the Saint des Saints candle being very similar to Serge Noire but with more sandalwood.
    Have you tried their candles?

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    Default Re: Un Gardenia La Nuit for Fleur Mecanique

    I do love Saint de Saints candle, and also Santal Cardamon, I think FM hit it out of the ballpark with the home line, I'm going to the boutique later in the week to smell the rest of the Fleur line, I love the idea of having xtra strengh for the larger areas in my loft, but, my favorite thing to do, is to place the box a few feet from me, and have it diffuse while online blogging about perfume, and politics.
    Today I'm back to Jurassic Flower, it does have a much stronger diffusion, I can smell it in the main area of the apartment, love the sunny quality of JF, as I brace for more snow.
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    Default Re: Un Gardenia La Nuit for Fleur Mecanique

    I remember SdS and SC being quite similar, but SdS was more incensey. I'm thinking about purchasing a few candles now just thinking about them! This is a dangerous thread LOL! It's nice to hear some well deserved enthusiasm about FM's excellent home fragrance line

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